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Alexa Bliss is in the ring she has Lana with her for a Moment of Bliss. Alexa has a mic in hand, “Well let’s get right to it. Everyone wants to know what we’re doing together. The simple answer is… I’m just helping her get better in the ring. She wants me to train her and she wants to get better. If you ask me? She’s a future champion!”

Lana chips in, “Yes, she’s showing me how to crush!”

The Beautiful People interrupt. Sky gets on the mic, “She barely wrestled last night at the elimination chamber. You did all the work! Let’s see how good she is by letting her face one of the Beautiful People!”

Alexa gets on the mic, “Well since we’ve already beat you guys before we’ll do it again…”

Sky cuts her off, “No, you’ve already beaten us. We want Lana to face one of the Beautiful People!… I mean your training should be able to show she’s capable of beating us right???”

Alexa hesitates before being interrupted.

“I accept! I’ll crush at WrestleMania!” Lana blurts.

Sky smiles to Alexa, “It’s on bitch! See you at Mania!”

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