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Kelly is in the gym in the middle of a workout when Margot is standing right by her.

Margot: “Kelly we’re on!”

Kelly is doing pull-ups when she hears her name requested. The camera gets a shot of Kelly’s back muscles as she releases the pull up bar and heads to Margot.

Kelly drops down and pulls the mic from Margot’s hand. “Bella’s you’ve screwed and humiliated me time after time again. Last night, you took my WrestleMania moment away from me! I can’t believe something I said last year around summerslam has come back to haunt me this long. It’s UN-FUCKIN-BELIEVABLE!… I came back with one goal in mind and that was to be champion and to tell all the naysayers that I belong in the WWE. I’m not a damn ‘barbie doll!’ This little rivalry we’ve had Bellas has dragged on long enough. We need to end this! Let’s end it at Wrestlemania once and for all!…

JR: “Kelly’s right! This is something that’s been going on a long time and it’s been back and forth between the parties!”

Kelly: “At Wrestlemania, I’m issuing a challenge. I want a two-out-of-three-falls match. I’ll fight either of you in the first round, the spirit breaker. When I win the first round, I’ll fight either of you in the second round, the heart breaker. If it gets to a third round lets settle it in a last woman standing match, body breaker!”
Kelly hands the mic back to Margot. “I’m really sorry Margot!” Kelly jumps back on the pull up bars and continues her workout.

Margot: “Well there you have it! Kelly wants both Bellas at Wrestlemania! The challenge has been issued for a 2/3 falls match.”

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