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The Bellas are backstage with mics in hand.

Nikki: “Sis, did Kelly really just challenge us to a match at mania?”

Bri: “No way?! She can’t be that stupid right?”

Nikki: “Well I just saw her pretending to be tough around Margot in a gym lol!”

Bri: “If she wants to go?… let’s both whoop her ass at mania!”

The Bellas smile and giggle but Nikki gets serious now.

Nikki: “Kelly, at Wrestlemania, we’re accepting your challenge. I’ll collect you’re spirit in the first round Kells. My sister is going to finish you and stomp you’re heart out. You’re lucky it’s not 3/5 because we’d both want to break your body too in the last woman standing match!”

Bri: “There’s going to be more hell to pay for spitting in my sister’s face bitch! I personally can’t wait to beat your ass for what you did!”

Nikki: “Let’s finish this at Mania!”

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