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On the interview set Brandi is talking with Margot before going live.

Margot begins addressing the live camera, “I’ll be trying to get the inside scoop throughout this historic night folks and I’m fortunate enough to get a hold of the very busy Brandi Rhodes!…”

The crowd cheers Brandi.

“…Brandi tonight you’re stepping into the ring with the dangerous, Ariel. Ariel is out for revenge because she feels it’s because of you that her empire had crumbled. She became WWE champion and lost it quickly. Are you nervous at all?.” Margot questions.

“Margot, my beef with Ariel started with her humiliating Trish. I’m sick of the humiliation crap and what can I say, I’m a Trish Stratus fan like you, Margot… I probably stuck my nose where it didn’t belong but tonight this beef gets squashed… As far as being nervous is concerned, I’m looking to bury Ariel. I’m playing in her wheel-house and I’m putting her down! I’m knocking out that remaining fang from her mouth too tonight.” Brandi winks at the camera before walking off. “I gotta get ready Margot.”

Margot, “There you have it folks, Brandi is ready to go to war with Ariel tonight!”

Margot is facing the camera. The audience notices Margot’s eyes have shifted away from the camera and behind the cameraman as yelling can be heard. Margot instinctively points the cameraman to look behind him to get the scoop on a current development.

The audience witnesses Carrie Underwood being dragged by security.

“Let me go! You’re going to hear from my lawyer! Where’s Stephanie!???!”

Security throws her out the door.

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