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Kelly Kelly makes her way out to a great reaction from the live audience.

JR: “Ladies and Gentleman, we are sold out tonight! We weren’t sure if there will be a crowd tonight but tonight the crowd came in droves and they’ll be treated to the mega match-up between Kelly Kelly and a member of the Bella Army!”

Kelly makes her way into the ring to a great reaction. Kelly is all smiles when she gets into the ring. But her face turns serious as soon as she hears the big bass beats of the Bella music.

The Bella arrive at the tops of the stage.

They play a little bit of mind games over who’s coming down first to face Kelly.

One starts to walk further ahead while the other is behind, before they switch it up.

King: “This is the Soul Breaker round. This is a match that’ll have psychological damage to whomever loses!”

Bri Bella finally turns up her Loser sign and begins walking backward up the ramp.

Nikki Bella walks towards the ring, making it clear she’s going in first.

Nikki enters the ring.

Kelly has her mind locked on Nikki now.

It’s going to be an uphill battle against Nikki.

The bell rings and the match is underway.

JR: “The first ever, Intercontinental champion will be crowned tonight in this matchup.”

Nikki and Kelly circle the ring, sizing each other up.

Nikki being the powerhouse extends her hands for a test of strength.

Kelly obliges and heads up to Nikki for the test.

As soon as Kelly get’s into Nikki’s space, Nikki throws her big stiff forearm shot.

Kelly has it well-scouted and ducks it!

JR: “This isn’t Kelly’s first time at the rodeo with Nikki. She knows what Nikki’s capable of.”

Kelly uppercuts Nikki Bella sending her tumbling backward. Kelly continues punching Nikki with right hand after right hand.

Nikki is now in defense and covers her head.

Kelly punches Nikki into the ropes before whipping her to the opposite ropes. Nikki bounces off the ropes and runs towards Kelly.

Kelly with a beautiful drop kick to the face of Nikki.

King: “Perfect drop-kick by Kelly!”

Kelly is fired up as she engages the crowd, “COME ON!”

Cheers for Kelly as she gains the early advantage.

Nikki is quick to get to her feet but Kelly drop kicks her down again.

Nikki getting up again but is met with another drop kick by Kelly.

Nikki keeps getting up quick to avoid being on all-fours since that’s when Kelly’s most dangerous.

King: “It’s not Nikki’s first time at the rodeo either JR. She’s avoiding Kelly’s ‘danger zones’.”

Nikki backs up to the turnbuckle to avoid Kelly’s consecutive dropkicks.

Kelly runs towards Nikki to deliver a drop kick. She connects. Nikki tumbles downward to the bottom turnbuckle.

JR: “Kelly keeping things in her court so far, she’s using her speed to out pace the power moves of Nikki.”

Kelly is smiling as she begins to sweat from her battle.

Nikki is on the bottom turnbuckle trying to get a breather.

Kelly runs to the opposite turnbuckle then back again towards Nikki.

Kelly jumps into the air and lands onto Nikki Bella.

King: “ohhhh baby!! A Bronco Buster!”

Kelly’s sweaty cooch is in in Nikki’s face as she delivers a bronco buster to Nikki. Her lightly brown, perfect legs wrap around the head of Nikki as she bounces her ass on Nikki’s chest. Her butt-cheeks slapping against the big boobs of Nikki.

The crowd cheers Kelly on.

Nikki just sees Kelly’s front bouncing on her face. Nikki is getting angry as she smells a sweaty cooch.

Kelly gets off of Nikki and fires up the audience some more.

The crowd rallies for Kelly.

Nikki begins consciously using the ropes to get herself up.

King: “Nikki is using strategy to avoid getting in Kelly’s danger zones. She’s using the ropes to get up because Kelly can’t use the K2 there!”

Once Nikki has got herself up to her feet using the turnbuckle; Kelly heads on over to Nikki and climbs the turnbuckle Nikki is against. Kelly has her privates against the face of Nikki as she stands above Nikki on the second ropes of the turnbuckle.

Kelly begins reigning downward punches onto the face of Nikki.

The crowd counts along.

Eventually the crowd reaches the count of nine before Kelly stops punching.

Kelly mockingly begins doing Nikki’s booty dance over the face of Nikki. Kelly grinds her sweaty privates against the face of Nikki.

Kelly grabs the back of the head of Nikki to hold her head in position so she can grind against it. Kelly depends on her grasp she has on Nikki to hold her balance as she pushes up on Nikki’s face.

“You remember doing this crap to me at TLC!” Kelly screams.

Nikki’s face slides up and down against Kelly’s tight underwear. The heat of being between Kelly’s legs suffocates Nikki. Nikki is struggling to breath as she’s forced to inhale Kelly’s goodness.

Nikki out of desperation grabs the waist of Kelly. Kelly’s legs now resting over the shoulders of Nikki as she runs forward with a running, powerful, sit-down powerbomb.

Kelly bounces off of the mat from the impact. Kelly grasps the back of her head upon impact.

JR: “Just like that Nikki can use big moves to turn things around!”

Kelly and Nikki lay there on the mat breathing heavily.

The ref makes the count as both women are down.

The crowd shows their support for the favorite and cheers Kelly on.

“Kelly! Kelly Kelly!”

After the count of 7 both women begin getting to their feet. Kelly with a right hand to Nikki. But Nikki delivers back her stiff forearm smash to Kelly. Kelly falls back down to one knee. Kelly then throws another punch at Nikki. But it’s not as strong as the forearms smash Nikki exchanges back to Kelly.

Kelly is down on all fours as Nikki breathes heavily. Nikki is on her feet sizing up Kelly.

Nikki grabs Kelly by her and lifts her up.

“Spirit Breaker Bitch!” Nikki screams in Kelly’s face.

Nikki lifts up the wounded Kelly onto her shoulders.

Nikki walks to the center of the ring.

Kelly shows life! Kelly punches the head of Nikki.

Nikki just takes the punches and falls to her knees to deliver an ugly Rack Attack. Damaging Kelly upon impact.

Kelly cries in pain like a wounded animal.

Nikki hooks the leg.





JR: “No one kicks out of the Rack Attack! Those just do too much damage.”







Nikki hangs onto the brown legs of Kelly as she drips sweat onto Kelly from her hair.





Here is your winner of the first round, NIKKKIIIII BELLLLAAAA!

JR: “Valiant effort by Kelly! But her downfall started when she was humiliating Nikki!”

Nikki rises to her feet with the “L” sign on her forehead to mock Kelly. “LOSER!!!!”

King: “Bri will be up next to compete with Kelly. Bri is coming in fresh here for the ‘Heart-Breaker round’. Kelly’s spirit might be lost due to the first-round clean loss.”

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