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JR: “Tonight is night three King and it’s the MAIN EVENT! We’ve seen superstars buried and we’ve seen returning superstars destroyed during Mania weekend…”

King: “I do hope we’re done seeing Carrie.”

JR: “… Me too King!… but tonight, is a high stakes match. Two of the most decorated superstars will battle for the championship and one of these highly esteemed stars will taste ass. Margot Take it away!”

Margot doesn’t look enthused to be interviewing Torrie. In fact, there’s a look of worry on her face as she knows Torrie’s a formidable opponent for Trish. She hasn’t lost once on her way to Mania. Margot doesn’t want to see her hero, Trish Stratus, get her face shoved up Torrie’s ass. Margot has a feeling of butterflies in her stomach. She believes the mind games Torrie has been playing have gotten to Trish and might throw her off her game.

Margot, “Thank you JR! Right now, I’m going to interview the gorgeous, and most beautiful, Torrie Wilson followed by the great, Trish Stratus.”

Torrie begins the interview with confidence, “This is the night, Margot, this is the night.” Torrie smiles at Margot, knowing it will unsettle her. “I know you’re a big super fan of Trish Stratus, Margot… but tonight I’m going to become champion. I’m confident tonight because I’ve beaten Trish on the big stages. Remember SummerSlam last year?… This win I make tonight, is dedicated to the career of Ariel, may it rest in peace…” There’s sarcasm in Torrie’s tone as she talks about Ariel. Suddenly Torrie’s tone changes and gets serious, “Ariel banked on the wrong veteran, I should have been the one to beat Paige that night at TLC!… But I’m digressing… Tonight, I finally get to my destination. You see, since day one, the first day you saw me return… my desire has always been to consume Trish’s pretty face with my ass. My ass has never kissed her face…. EVER! It’s the ultimate prize for my ass. I’ve stinkfaced some of the most gorgeous women but to add Trish… that would be absolutely… Stratisfying. Trish has always been that one face I could never smother. I might have a little surprise for Trish during my stinkface tonight… a wet surprise.” Torrie winks to the camera, smiles, and heads through the curtain for her match. The crowd boos loudly as Torrie makes her entrance.

As Torrie walks down the ramp, Trish makes her way to Margot with her title on her shoulder. Trish has a serious look on her face. Trish is rolling her shoulders and neck as she looks ready for a fight.

Margot begins, “Trish Stratus, Torrie has just spoken about facing you tonight and she’s motivated and ready to fight you. Do you have any last words for the WWE Universe before you go on to face Torrie Wilson for the WWE Championship?”

Trish looks like she has a chip on her shoulder as she addresses Margot about Torrie Wilson, “Torrie hasn’t been beaten yet since she’s returned, she beat me last year at Summer Slam, and she won the Rumble and Elimination Chamber. Torrie has done everything except two things. ONE,  she’s never become champion and…  TWO,… well, not sure why this matters so much to her, but it does… she’s never been able to stinkface me. She’s obsessed with it. Tonight, I’m stepping into the ring with Torrie Wilson knowing all this about her background. I know her accomplishments and it’s a great list. But tonight, I’m ready for her, I’m aware of her, and the buck stops here. I’m the bullet that puts her out of her misery! I’m reality that comes crashing down on her! I’m the roadblock she’s crashes into that she can’t pass! On Monday this past week she humiliated me when she shoved her disgusting lollipop in my mouth. Tonight, it’s time for her to get stinkfaced, and for her to be humiliated.”

Margot ends the interview, “Thank you Trish, good luck tonight!”

Trish is pumped as she heads for the entrance way.

As Trish makes her way through the curtain to an overwhelming reaction from the crowd. The crowd erupts when they see Trish Stratus come out. Trish raises her title in the air to liven the crowd up even more and points her finger at Torrie Wilson who’s in the ring waiting for her opponent.

Torrie is in the ring taking out her lollipop. She’s eyeing Trish’s beautiful face with malicious intent. Trish walks down the ramp for her match. She enters the ring and does her normal finger pointing to the crowd, as the crowd relishes her.

The title is handed to the referee as in ring introductions are done.

Torrie is introduced first as the challenger and Trish is introduced next as the champion. Torrie and Trish are staring each other down during the entire introductions.

JR: “They’re both game for a fight King!”

King: “Neither of them have taken their eyes off each other.”

The bell rings and the match is underway.

Tune in Wednesday, 6/24

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