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Mystery Woman is in the broiler room, she has the camera pointing up at her. She’s always particularly liked the feeling of being looked up to, even if it’s just a camera.

The blonde duo of Carrie and Anna are by her side. Angela is still out with injury.

Tonight is going to be different for the Mystery Woman. Tonight she intends on revealing more about herself.

The soft voice begins, “Next week on RAW I’ve come to terms with this… Next week on RAW, I will lose my title!”

She pauses for effect.

The crowd reacts very confused by the woman’s statement.

King: “Why is she saying she’s going to lose her title next week? In fact, why she predicting she’s going to lose her title? She’s scheduled for a face off with Trish Stratus next week on RAW but not a IC Title match??!”

She giggles, “Next week on Raw I’ll no longer carry the title of being the ‘Mystery Woman!’” The Mystery Woman laughed obnoxiously as she knows she’s teasing the audience, including the announcers.

A smirk sneaks in from Carrie and Anna.

The Mystery Woman suddenly stops laughing and glares sternly at the camera. Thoughts and memories flash through her head.

Unsurprisingly, The Mystery Woman has always been a mysterious figure; but walls are coming down tonight. She’s been waiting to get some stuff off of her chest. Tonight has been a long time coming. The announced WWE title match, against Trish, triggered something different.

The camera and The Mystery Woman continue their stare off.

JR: “This woman continues with her games.”

The Mystery Woman has known for quite sometime that the paths of Trish Stratus and hers were going to cross again. It was never a matter of ‘how?’ or ‘why?’. It’s always been ‘when?’ The last time they crossed paths was at Mania. The Mystery Woman has been patient, she’s been biding her time, patiently waiting for the right moment to strike. In the Mystery Woman’s mind, at TLC, the moment will have finally arrived. She’s going to take from Trish what’s been defining her. Trish had a chip on her shoulder when she returned last year. She wanted to defeat Paige for the WWE Title. Now, the Mystery Woman is going to drain that title from her. Best of all, Trish is going to willingly lay down for her. Just like Kelly did.

The Mystery Woman thinks to herself: After everything Ariel has done for her; Trish shows absolutely no appreciation. Trish has a career resurgence ALL because of Ariel. Trish Stratus was a loser before Ariel came into the picture. Trish Stratus was old and couldn’t compete with current talent. When she returned last year, she kept on losing to the likes of Paige and even Torrie Wilson. In fact, if it wasn’t for Ariel, Trish Stratus’s legendary career would have a big blotch at the end of it. The record books should read ‘that when she returned, it just wasn’t as good as her ‘last run.’ Instead, this BIT*H is outpacing current talent and knocking everything out of the park. Trish will pay for what she did to Ariel. Ariel gave her youth, strength, and a purpose. Ariel gave her a life again! Because of Trish, Ariel just spiraled downward into a grave at Mania. Come TLC, I will embody vengeance in Ariel’s name! Oh my god!… I can’t wait to make her mine.

Snapping out of her twisted stare into the camera, she begins to rub her breasts as she speaks, “The woman I meet next week knows who I am. There’s history between us. So, before she tells you who I am, I will…” The Mystery Woman seems to enjoy touching her body as she continues to rub herself, “In case you haven’t noticed, I can make women do what I want, I’ve sucked one girl’s face after another, starting with… Carrie…”

Carrie begins fanning herself because the Mystery Woman called her name.

Mystery Woman continues, “…Anna…” Anna begins shaking her ass towards the Mystery Woman.

“…Angela…” Carrie and Anna begin holding their noses in unison, as the Mystery Woman mentions the names after Anna.

“…and now Kelly… I want the audience at home to think of me as Poison Ivy. After I suck your face, you do my bidding. Right ladies?” She looks to her followers.

Anna and Carrie nod agreeing.

The Mystery Woman is sounding confident as she speaks, “That’s right! You- Trish Stratus! Next week on RAW we will be in the ring together and before the night’s over, it’ll be your turn. I get to suck your angelic face! I’m going to bring you down from heaven to get dirty with me! For me to lock my lips onto yours will be my ultimate ecstasy! The legendary Trish Stratus gets her face sucked by me???? It will be so wonderful! At TLC you will bow before me. So I can lay my body over yours… and win your title. That same damn title you robbed from Ariel! Revenge, is going to be soooooo sweet , only at TLC!”

JR: “I didn’t know there was history between Trish and this Mystery Woman. The only time I saw Trish and this Mystery Woman meet was at WrestleMania when she rose from the grave!”

King turns to JR suspiciously, “She rose from the grave Brandi buried Ariel in?”

JR glances at King, like if they just figured something out, “Yea… she did.”

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      1. Lol ok sweet, who should Peyton Royce defend her intercontinental championship against on my site, and who should Angela defend her t.v. championship against


    1. Ariel and Mystery Woman are falling into that “undertaker, the fiend, Kane” type thing. They have weird powers lol.

      I’m hoping it makes sense next week when Trish adds her part next week.


      1. You’re comments are appreciated.
        When see the stats I see that ppl include in the search terms Trish and Ariel a lot and idk I think it relates to this lol.
        I’ve had another person say they really digged the Trish Ariel feud.
        So idk I’m tossing in this mystical stuff because some do dig it.


      2. Yeah but it was kind of pointless for Kelly to lose her title to her that’s the whole thing. It would have made more sense for her to go after trish from the beginning

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Since u saw how last season unfolded, I can talk about that. Can’t talk about the current season too much.

        So Kelly feuded with Nikki.
        Trish was locked up in a feud with Torrie, Paige, and Ariel.

        Because of the stories, I got a lot of mileage out of something that could have been wrapped up in 3 months with Kelly or Trish beating all of them.

        Instead they both had ups and downs before getting to the finish line.
        It’s kinda what’s happening here. There’s gonna be ups n downs.
        Until we get to the end, I can’t say much lol.


      4. Some ppl just gotta be put on the back burner because a lot goes on. The posts I do are daily and each one of them matter.

        Some people need to just be put away because other stories are being told. It doesn’t mean they’re forgotten, it just means they need to put to the side because there’s a lot of other stories going on.
        If I threw Anna out there, other stories would suffer. And I only want to do a certain amount of stories a week.

        Paige, Ashley Graham, Sasha Banks are ppl I’d like to use more. But I don’t want to sacrifice current story so I can fit them in.
        Sometimes some characters just gotta take a backseat.
        Anna needs to take a backseat because there’s a lot of other stories going on.


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