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JR: Raw is off to a hot start King! A returning Angela is in action tonight against Madison Rayne of the Beautiful People!!

Angela makes her way out and marches to the ring.

King: There’s a fire in her eyes JR! Angela still wants Carrie!

JR: A short recap of their rivalry King, Carrie a few months back beat the hell out of Angela with a microphone. Resulting in Angela ending up in a hospital!

King: Yup, Angela’s friend, Robbie, tried to stand up for her. Carrie had Angela in the hospital and was about to beat her some more until she manipulated Robbie into quitting!

JR: That’s right King! Angela was used to get Robbie to quit! Angela returned at Mania and Humiliated Carrie at the big event.

King: I think Carrie wants nothing to do with Angela right now!

Angela enters the ring as the bell rings.

Angela walks up to Madison as Madison takes a swing.

Madison misses wildly.

Angela kicks Madison in the mid section. Madison loses her breath from that kick.

Angela plants Madison with a DDT in the center of the ring.

The crowd cheers as they seem to support Angela’s aggressive behavior.

Angela stuffs Madison between her legs and squeezes Madison’s head.

Madison reaches wildly for the ropes but Angela hangs on tight. Madison is doing anything she can to break the hold but Angela continues to apply pressure with those long legs. Madison begins fading. Angela shifts her legs sharply causing Madison to just stop moving.

Angela rolls Madison over as the ref makes the cover. Angela looks into the camera as the ref counts the three count to end the match.

Angela gets up and approaches the camera. “I’m coming for you Carrie! I’m GOING TO MAKE YOU PAY!”

King: I’m not sure how Carrie Underwood always finds herself in these predicaments.

JR: I’ve never seen Angela win a match. She finally won decisively tonight!

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    1. Angela is another one I’m not too familiar with. I just know she’s on Big Brother and I think and she’s pretty hot.
      But she’s kinda like Carrie, she’s in a position where she feels easy to write for right now.

      Lol I have things written all the way to the next Ppv which is Clash. And an outline for everything else until Mania

      But I found a spot for her we just gotta wait until after
      Clash of champs.
      She filled a void I had lol.


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