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Torrie comes out to the ring, lollipop in mouth. She comes down in a swimsuit exposing all sorts of hot boobs and ass. Kelly makes her way down next. The crowd roars at the sight of Kelly as she marches down the ring with all smiles. The screens in the audience light up the most since Season two started. Kelly is treated to a champions welcome from the fans.

Once in the ring Kelly makes her way to one of the turnbuckles and raises her title in the air. The IC champ is glowing tonight.

In the ring to host this segment is non other than Sasha Banks.

Sasha has a mic in hand, “It’s Boss Time Everyone!” Crowd cheers Sasha on as she gushes to be back. “Tonight’s not about me though. It’s about the IC title. And now that everyone is here let’s get to this. Sunday at Clash, The IC Champ, the charismatic Kelly Kelly is going one-on-one with bombshell Torrie Wilson. And right now I’m here to facilitate this contract signing since these contract signings never end well.”

Sasha hands the mic and the contract to Torrie, “Torrie the floor is yours”

Torrie eyes Kelly Kelly up and down, “Boy, are you hot Kells!…” Sasha fans herself mockingly from the comment. “You are too Sasha, but Kelly, our paths have never crossed, but I’m glad they’re crossing now. You and I actually have a lot in common. We’re both gorgeous beyond what anyone in this audience can ever handle, we used our looks to get where we are today, we’re both known for our great ‘wrestling ability’ and we’ve both proven to ourselves that we belong despite the naysayers…”

Kelly interjects, “Listen up Torrie, we have a lot in common but we also have a lot of differences. Yea, we’re both not known for our wrestling ability but I work hellA-hard to show I’m capable of handling myself in this ring! I’m the IC champ and I had to bust my ass off to get through hell in a cell, over earned my opportunities, and I beat both Bellas at Mania!!! Whereas I don’t think you’ve proven yourself… You’ve always been the person who’s at the right place at the right time! I’m not going to list all the times that’s been the case,” *cough* “the Rumble” *cough* “the Chamber” *cough* “last week!… At Clash I prove to the world your wins were just flooks! You still don’t belong here! When I face you at Clash I’m going to beat the ‘old me’ because that’s all you are!… You’re everything I use to be… and at Clash I’m proving to myself, and to the world, that I’ve moved on from that phase of my career. Hopefully when I do beat you, you’ll actually take some time off so you can better yourself like I did, take some real wrestling classes, and make something of your career. Because you’re not a wrestler. You’re still just a diva!”

The crowd cheers wildly.

JR: “I actually agree with Kelly, King!”

Torrie signs the contract and walks it over to Kelly. Lollipop still in her mouth.

Sasha steps between the blonde bombshells.

“Give me my signature Kelly and then y’all can do whatever you want.” Sasha quips and positions her back so Kelly can sign it. Using Sasha’s back.

Kelly takes the contract and puts it on Sasha’s back so she can sign.

King: Kelly isn’t taking her eyes off Torrie. Sasha’s helping Kelly right now by allowing Kelly to not take her eyes off Torrie.

Kelly signs it and Sasha takes the contract on her way out of the ring.

Torrie seductively takes the lollipop out of her mouth and speaks into the microphone, “Those are fighting words… Your stunning face needs to be humbled by some glorious ASS and I’m going to take a bite out of you…” Torrie takes the lollipop out of her mouth as it drips with saliva.

Kelly is bold she gets up in Torrie’s face, and pushes Torrie hard into the floor. Causing Torrie to fall on her ass.

“I’m not TRISH STRATUS! I’m not playing any games with you! Take that lollipop and shove it up your ass! A stinkface isn’t going to happen! That’s something even I use to do. But I’m better than you!” Kelly emphatically yells.

JR: Kelly is taking a hard stand against the challenger! I think Torrie was going to shove the lollipop in her mouth!

Torrie smiles up at Kelly. “We’re alike I’ll prove it at Clash, that face, that title is mine!” Torrie rolls out of the ring as Kelly’s theme music plays.

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