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We’re already in the ring as we see the combatants in the ring.

Carrie looks worried about this encounter.

Angela looks like a pit-bull as she never takes her eyes off Carrie.

The bell rings and Carrie walks gingerly towards Angela with her hand extended. Carrie is wishful to get a handshake from Angela.

Bewildered, Angela stiffly smacks the head of Carrie bringing Carrie down to all fours.

Angela without hesitation bounces off the ropes, back towards Carrie and hopes aboard the back of Carrie’s head and Curb Stomps Carrie face-first into the mat.






Some audience members can be seen being queasy from that devastating that stomp.

Carrie is down and not moving.

JR “I hope Angela will show some mercy tonight, King.

King: “The ref is going to need a shovel to get that roadkill off the mat. Carrie’s face was tattooed into the canvas.

JR: “Carrie’s not moving…:(“

The ref looks at Angela, almost pleading with her through his facial expressions, to just end this here.

Angela exits the ring and heads over to the timekeeper. She pulls out the microphone and speaks into it as she walks up the steel steps at the side of the ring.

Angela speaks into the mic, “Carrie, the only way this is going to end is in an ‘eye-for-an-eye…. I’m going to puncture that face of yours with this ****in Damn mic!! Just like what you did to me!!…”

Angela is now at the apron as she addresses an unconscious Carrie while entering the ring, “By the way, this mic should look familiar… I pulled this ‘bloody mic’ out of a drawer next to me in the hospital bed I stayed at… do you remember this mic Carrie?!?! I think you should recognize it…”

Angela enters the ring with the mic. “But I really wanna win this for Robbie first.” Angela puts the mic down carefully so she can pick it up later.

Angela uses her boots to kick Carry onto her back. Angela finally gets Carrie on her back and covers her chest with her boot.

While Angela was doing that… the ref got rid of the mic to stop Angela from hurting Carrie anymore.

The ref makes the count.















Angela doesn’t celebrate. She immediately rolls to where she carefully placed the mic.

Angela looks perplexed before looking deranged, “Where’s my mic?!?! Where is it????!!!” She immediately looks at the ref intensely.

“You took my mic!! Didn’t you?!?!?!”

The ref pleads with her not to do anymore damage.

Angrily, Angela exits the ring and heads to the timekeeper area for another mic.

In the meantime, the ref is requesting help from the back. The ref demands security. Security is rushing down.

Angela enters the ring, mic in hand.

But is stopped by security. Angela is swarmed by security to restrain her. They all are grabbing a hold of her.

They finally are pulling her away.

“Oh no this isn’t over Carrie! This isn’t over!!”

The camera is following Angela as she screams, “I want a rematch!!! Let us fight!!”

King: Look in the ring JR!! What the heck is going on there?!

JR: hmmmm, I… I… I am at a loss for words King!”

In the ring, the same mysterious woman who arose from the Buried Alive match from Mania is in the ring. She’s resting seductively atop the Country singer. She’s not wearing much and she’s very provocative as she sits atop the Grammy winner.






She’s kissing, and licking an unconscious Carrie Underwood face up and down.

Carrie is just laying there in the ring under the mystery woman. The mystery woman slobs all over Carrie’s helpless face.

The mystery woman is covering Carrie’s face in spit, from all the kissing and licking. Carrie’s face just continues to get abused in the ring. The mystery woman breathes heavily into Carrie’s face.

A ref taps the mystery woman on the shoulder, the ref looks down bewildered at the sight.

The mystery woman looks up at the ref as she wipes her chin of saliva hanging onto her.

She mischievously giggles like if she just told a dirty joke.

The lights go on and off like a flicker in the arena. During the flickering the mystery woman can be seen slowly standing up before disappearing and the lights staying on.

Carrie lies in the ring dripping in spit.

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