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In ring introductions are done for this special upcoming match. All of the participants are in the ring.

The winner of this match will be crowned the WWE Champion tomorrow night on RAW!

The participants are,

Bri Bella! The crowd boos.

Alexa Bliss! The crowd cheers Bliss.

Nikki Bella! The crowd resumes booing.

Brandi Rhodes! The crowd cheers the fan favorite.

And Ashley Graham! The crowd boos.

Just after the bell rings all of the competitors seem to be in agreement.

They’re all looking at Ashley Graham.

Ashley recognizes this and motions for all of them to ‘bring it on.’

All four rush Ashley. Two go low and two go high.

The crowd cheers the unity.

All four women pound away at Ashley Graham with fists. Ashley Graham gets pounded with each fist as they rain down on her. Ashley goes down from the massive onslaught. The women gather together are able to toss Ashley Graham over the top rope.

Ashley has been eliminated.

Ashley is irate as she pounds the apron, “This is not fair!!”

The referees try to calm her down but she begins attacking the referees. Slugging each one that gets close to her.

She punches out two referees in frustration.

JR: “I wonder if Ashley’s going to be fined for this?!”

Ashley begrudgingly begins walking up the ramp away from the match. She kicks the steel steps furiously on her way up. The referees are still surrounding her, shouting for her to leave.

JR: If they didn’t unify against Ashley, Ashley was going to take this match!

Nikki is first to attack Alexa.

Bri attacks Brandi.

King: Well that friendship ended quickly.

Nikki delivers what she’s known for, her stiff forearm smashes. An unsuspecting Alexa had been hit in the back of the head with one. Alexa is on the mat belly first trying to cover herself as Nikki pounds away. “This is my Time!”

Bri was also first to attack an unsuspecting Brandi. Bri had knocked Brandi down and is right now giving her the YES! Kicks. Bri is going for the last Yes! Kick before Brandi ducks it. Brandi charges upward and lifts up Bri for a spinebuster.

Nikki goes up behind Brandi and lyfts her up for an Angle Slam!

Brandi is down on the mat feeling the effects of the Angle slam.

Alexa Bliss sneaks up behind Nikki and tosses her over the top rope.

Nikki lands on the apron. Alexa goes over to punch her off.

Nikki goes under between the ropes and uses that muscular shoulder to drive it into the smaller Alexa.

Nikki enters the ring now to avoid elimination.

Nikki reaches eagerly towards Alexa and shoves Alexa’s head between her thick legs. Nikki lifts her up; she’s going for a powerbomb.

Nikki has no choice but to inhale Alexa Bliss. Her legs wrapped around Nikki head.

Alexa feverishly slugs away at the face of Nikki.

Alexa may have just found success in the slugging!

Alexa hurricanrannas Nikki to the opposite end of the ring towards the ropes. Nikki is reeling as she finds herself resting on the ropes. Alexa goes over to clothesline Nikki over the top.

Nikki reverses and lifts the smaller woman into the air; throwing her completely out over the top rope and to the floor.

Alexa has been eliminated.

Nikki doesn’t see Brandi coming.
Brandi clotheslines Nikki over the top rope but again Nikki hangs on and is on the apron.

Bri runs towards Brandi and uses her momentum to get Brandi out of the ring.

Nikki pulls down the top rope! Bri uses her body to collide against Brandi causing the both of them to go over the top rope and on their way to the floor, causing a double elimination.

King: Boy! Nikki with a great sense of ring awareness is responsible for everyone being eliminated. Intentional or not, Nikki even got her sister eliminated.

Bri looks up shocked that she was eliminated. But she eventually nods her head in satisfaction and smiles with the outcome. She realizes now her sister is still in the ring.

Nikki re-enters the ring from the apron. The ref runs to her to raise her arms in victory.

Bri also rushes in to hug her sister.

Brandi sits there at the floor; disappointed in the outcome.

Nikki motions with her hands she’s the champion.

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