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Lana and Alexa are backstage and as they approach one another, they both speak at the same time, “GUESS WHAT?!”

They stop each other until Alexa takes over, “oh, you have news too? Did you find us a partner?”

Lana nods eagerly.

“Ok Lana, I found a partner too, but promise you won’t be mad.”

Lana went from eager to worried, “Deal! But!… But… don’t be mad at my partner either.”

Alexa knows Lana doesn’t like Brandi since their last encounter so she’s feeling actually more coy and like her surprise is going to hurt more.

“Lets say our partners names at the same time? Or do you want to wait for Survivor Series to see my partner?” Lana offers.

Alexa actually sees potential in this, maybe she can delay telling Lana who she’s found, “Lana, that sounds like a great idea! You’ll see who I’ve chosen come Survivor Series and I’ll see who you’ve chosen that day.” Any help Lana gets for us at Survivor Series will be accepted anyway I won’t deny a helping hand. Alexa thinks to herself.

Lana is happy with this, “Perfect! Now let us train some more for Survivor Series!”

“Let’s go!” Alexa joins in.

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