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Both women are in the ring Trish Stratus chants echo out through the entire arena.


JR: “Bri has come alone to the ring for this match up.”

Ding ding.

Trish goes for a quick run towards Bri.

Bri swings wildly.

Trish ducks it and runs to the ropes, picking up momentum as she bounces off the ropes back to Bri.

Bri is prepared and lifts her leg up for a big boot.

Trish ducks it and hits the ropes again, picking up more speed as she bounces off of them and again toward Bri.

Bri is quick to respond with double hook.

Trish ducks it again and bounces off the ropes picking up speed like sonic the hedgehog as she heads back to Bri.

Bri isn’t barely fast enough to turn around this time.

Trish is in the air this time as she recklessly crashes her knee into the face of Bri, for a running knee to the face.

Bri flips fully into the air before landing on her back and folded over.

Trish with a hook of the leg.

JR: “The ref can count until tomorrow. There’s no way Bri is getting up tonight from that shot!”

The ref counts the three and this ones over.

Trish’s arms are raised in the air as she’s handed the title. The crowd with a mega pop as the champion talks trash, “This is Survivor Ser-“

Nicki knocks Trish down from behind.

Nikki with those familiar forearm blasts to the back of Trish’s head. She repeatedly connects her forearm to the champions skull.

King: “Nikki might as well be using a hammer with those stiff blows!”

Trish is dizzy from the attack.

Nikki drags Trish to her feet and yells in her face, “ITS ALL ABOUT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

Nikki lifts Trish up over her shoulders, and at the top of her lungs, “THIS IS SURVIVOR SERIES!!!!”

Nikki jumps in the air as high as she can and lands on her knees. An ugly cracking can be heard, in Nikki’s ear. Trish vibrates off of Nikki’s shoulders grasping her sides in pain.

The busty brunette grabs Trish by her hair, lifting up her unconscious foe to a seated position. She mocks her, “Poor little Trishy! Did I bust your kidneys open like I did Angela???”

“I’m not just any challenger! I’m your successor!”

In a quick motion Nikki crushes her forehead into Trish’s nose causing the champion to cover her face and back away from Nikki uncontrollably. A sudden head it to the champion.

Trish cries in pain.

Nikki lifts her arms in the air. One of them is carrying the WWE Championship. “Survivor Series I become Immortal!”

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  1. Brie had no shot one on one with Trish, Nikki big and bad from behind face to face Trish will kick her head off. What will be the next post

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We’ll see who comes out on top at SS.

      So far there’s three matches scheduled for survivor series.
      Trish vs Nikki
      Brandi Alexa Torrie Lana vs Beautiful People

      The show is going to open with Kelly vs mystery woman.


      1. When will survivor series be?
        I’m going with Trish winning
        Beautiful people win because brandi Alexa torrie and lana fall apart
        And kelly winning

        Liked by 1 person

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