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Survivor Series opens with the IC Champion backstage, she’s held in a precarious situation, literally.

Standing above the champion, are two fellow blondes, restraining her. The duo of Carrie and Anna are holding the champion down. Kelly isn’t putting up a fight, as she’s being held up only by her arms. She’s looks to have been roughed up by the duo. She’s looking down, defeated.

Rising Amateurs always intimidate Falling Masters…” A sweet voice is directed at the restrained champion.

“…Before you lay down for me tonight and make me the new IC Champion… I want you to listen very… very carefully…” The Mystery Woman lowers herself to the level of the current champion, and uses one finger to lift the beautiful blonde’s chin, the master of the K-2 doesn’t look at her, fighting until the end, not wanting to give this bitch the satisfaction of her attention, “…Aren’t you tired of being number 2 yet? Where’s the woman that’s always wanted to be WWE Champion to prove that she’s a real wrestler?….” the tender voice sounds meaner now, “…I can tell you what happened to her… she got comfortable with second place… she’s gone as far as she’s going to go in this industry… SHE’S A COWARD!”

Now, the Mystery Woman has Kelly’s attention, the champion looks into the sexy woman’s eyes, the tender voice continues, “I’m glad I finally have your attention…”

In the next moment, the crowd erupts… choosing the path of defiance until the end; Kelly spits in the face of the Mystery Woman.

The two other blondes are bewildered.

“GO TO HELL!” the champion spats.

The Mystery Woman, reaches for the champion’s head and guides it to her spit covered face.

The women lock lips, a one-sided aggressive wrestling match is started… between their tongues.

Fade to black.

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