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The camera opens to Stephanie McMahon sitting at her desk. She’s looking up at the two fan favorites arguing with her.

She focuses on the blonde one. One of the people making her case is the Master of the K-2. “I want my rematch at TLC! I’m owed a rematch for my title loss! I only lost because something got into my head last night!”

Stephanie then looks to the other one making her case, Brandi Rhodes, “I’m due an IC Title match! I’ve beaten everyone already! I’m due a title match!”

The boss thinks to herself, I gotta get my muscle back; if she was here, I wouldn’t be putting up with this. She would have blocked these two from even being in my office.

Aggravated, “Ladies! I know your upset the IC Title won’t be defended at TLC! However, as a consolation prize, maybe we can upgrade one of you to the next level? After TLC, we’ve got the Royal Rumble. How about…”

The door busts open, incoming the combustible twins.

Nikki speaks first, as the twins approach the desk of Stephanie, “How come I’m not getting a shot at Trish!!! I came this close to beating her! I had her pinned one-two-three in the middle of the ring!”

Stephanie begins massaging her temple in frustration.

Bri chimes in, “Hey! I should get a WWE Title match! I had her pinned three times! THREE DAMN TIMES!”

“Oh please, I’m more in line for the WWE Title than you Nikki.” Kelly quips

“Go back to the IC Title Kelly! I’m more than ready for the big leagues already; unlike you! Your stuck in the little leagues!” Nikki adds.

“ENOUGH!!!” Stephanie screeches. “ENOUGH, already! Nikki and Bri you’ve lost twice already. Both of you pinned twice! But you know what? You were both close, so damn close. I don’t like seeing twins fight so here’s the deal… All four of you are officially booked at TLC! It’ll be a TLC match! The Bella Twins vs. Brandi & Kelly at TLC. Whomever gets the briefcase down, will be number 29 in the Rumble, while their partners will be number 28! Now get out of my office!”

Somewhat satisfied, all four women begin walking out the door.

“We’ve got this, sis! They’re not even a team!” Bri disses.

“I don’t need a partner to whoop both your asses! At Mania I beat both of you!” Kelly adds.

“That’s why you laid down last night for Mystery Woman?” Brandi adds.

Kelly looks visibly irritated by her partner’s statement.

“You’re right we got this, Sis!” Nikki laughs.

On their way-out Stephanie makes one last stipulation, “Oh by the way, the losers of those matches will be numbers one and two in the Rumble!”

They all look at each other; more seriously before walking out the door.

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      1. I probably will might take a week or more to write it, any ideas on what should happen in the rumble and who should be in it


    1. Lol ok.
      I like Dana Brooke too. So I think her and melina will turn up. Likely next month since December is already written out.

      Is there someone’s story ur enjoying most that I’m writing for?
      Is there someone’s that is getting too much attention that I write for?


      1. I think Torrie is getting too much attention, I really liked the ariel storyline with trish while back. Oh i was wondering if you could bring in psycho mickie james into your stories.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m glad to hear u liked the Trish and Ariel feud. Kinda funny u mentioned it this week lol.

        Torrie’s got some story left in her so she’ll still be on.

        I definitely want to use psycho mickie. But I don’t have room for her, right now. She’s a character that deserves a lot of room lol.
        Either melina or Dana i think are likely to pop up.


    1. Lol I have stories written until mania. She needed to win here.
      Kelly needed to lose here too. She and a few other people have stories going into season 3.
      But all characters now have a direction going into season 2 mania.

      Kelly’s involved in the latest post.

      Is there a character you wanna see less postings of?


      1. Don’t have a problem with anyone. Just wanted to see Kelly actually have a run as champion. That was short and nothing special

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Lol ok. Kelly’s got some upside to her, her story spans into next season. And to me that’s key, her story.

        Mystery woman may be at the right place at the right time, in terms of story lol


      3. I think she’ll be fine. She had what I thought was an epic rivalry with the Bellas last year. There were lots of ups and downs there, but she came out on top.

        This moment can be seen as one of her “downs” in her story.


      4. Thank you for enjoying the stories! I’m stoked to hear that

        Melina is a good pick! I gotta figure out a way to get her in.
        Carrie is with Mystery Woman and Anna.
        She’ll eventually get more time. By January and February she’ll have more direction.

        Is there a top three characters u like following?
        Is there someone u don’t like on the roster?

        Just want to get a feel for whom people like and don’t like so I know how to book


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