Stephanie McMahon is in the ring. She’s rather upbeat. There’s a red luxurious rug covering the ring and a stand that’s holds the new WWE Championship. Stephanie is looking to the camera with a smile on her face.

Noticeably absent from this ceremony tonight is none other than, Ashley Graham.

“As you all know, usually I have some muscle out here with me but Ashley took the night off, which I understand. She didn’t want to be here for when the new champion is crowned tonight. She did lose last night to this person.”

Stephanie pauses for effect.

“Tonight, the WWE is proud to crown a new WWE Champion! Please welcome Nikki Bella!”

Nikki does her booty dance at the top of the ramp before she heads down the ramp with unbelievable swag.

JR: “Nikki was in action earlier in the night and she had an impressive win against Angela earlier. She dominated.”

Nikki enters the ring and is full of joy, “Stephanie, I’ve had a lot of ups and downs in my career, I thought last night was the greatest moment of my life but I was wrong… it’s TONIGHT! One-by-one I’ve eliminated each person in that match, including your muscle, Ashley…”

Stephanie nods her head. “It sounds like tonight is going to be a better night than when you gave birth huh, Nikki?”

“That’s important Stephanie, but this is truly a bigger moment to me! I stand here before you ready to accept my nomination into greatness!” Nikki declares.

The crowd boos heavily Nikki’s response to Stephanie.

Stephanie responds, “Nikki Bella, it’s my honor to approve your nomination into Greatness!…” Stephanie hands Nikki the title. “…As the CEO of WWE, I hereby pronounce you the NEW WWE CHAMP-…”

The familiar giggle echoes throughout the arena. Stephanie’s words can’t be heard anymore as a raucous starts up with cheers.

The CURRENT WWE Champion walks through the curtain mic in hand to an explosive reaction from the Thunderdome.

Nikki looks to Stephanie confused.

Stephanie motions she doesn’t know what’s going on.

The buxom blonde is all smiles as she beholds the incredible Thunderdome; before focusing on the two in the ring, “You look like you’ve seen a ghost Steph!?”

Stephanie stares furiously at the Champion.

“I can explain why I’ve been missing these past few weeks next week… but I want to address my title first! According to my contract Stephanie, I have until tonight to prove to you I’m capable of defending the WWE Championship and since you’ve been ignoring my calls, HERE I AM! CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!”

The crowd cheers.

She teases, “How about I come down there right now, and defend?” The champ knows Stephanie won’t agree to the match since it’s on free tv and there’s no promotion behind the big match.

Nikki turns to Stephanie with a look of, ‘say it’s not true!’

Stephanie looks at the scrappy fan favorite with scorn. The champion is smiling from the top of the ramp, as if she checkmated Stephanie McMahon.

The Mania Main Eventer raises the mic once more to her lips, “I’m sure you were already aware of this being the last night, before I must forfeit this title, Mrs. McMahon.”

Stephanie, responds quickly, “At Hell in a Cell Nikki Versus WWE Champion Trish Stratus for the Damn Title!”

The crowd cheers this announcement, as Stephanie yanks the new title form Nikki and exits the ring.

Nikki eyes her new target to end RAW.

JR: “Business has picked up King!”

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