Lacey is in the ring, and at her side are Angelina and Velvet.

Madison is walking down the ramp, wondering what she did wrong, she looks scared. Walking to the ring to step into the ‘lion’s den’ against her own friends.

Madison enters the ring and the bell rings.

Madison looks at her two best friend (Sky & Love) since the beginning, wondering ‘what the heck is going on?’ They’ve been together since the beginning. Velvet and Angelina exit the ring, smiling evilly, at a confused Madison.

Lacey snaps her fingers downward below her waist. Once she has Madison’s attention on her fingers she guides Madison’s eyes upward, using her fingers alone. She wants Madison to focus on her, not Sky or Love. Once she has Madison’s attention, and they lock eyes, using one finger, she points to the floor right in front of her, requesting like an owner to their dog, to come here.

Madison walks up to Lace, “Is this because I lost last night?! I’m sorry it won’t happen again! Please! I don’t want to fight you! I’m not going to hi-…”

Once Madison was in front of Lacey, Lacey had reached for Madison’s throat, cutting off her words from speaking, “You’re not a member of the Beautiful People anymore! You’re Ugly NOW!”

The tall blonde proceeds with lifting Madison up and chokeslamming her into the mat.

Lacey with a sexual cover over her subordinate. Her boobs pressing into the face of Madison as she straddles the rest of her body. One leg straddles over the rest of Madison’s leg, while the other is firmly wrapped around the other side of Madison. She has one elbow on the Mat to the side of Madison’s head, as she uses her hand to hold her own chin to rest above her opponent.

The ref makes the count and ends the match. The ring announcer declares Lacey the victor.

Angelina and Velvet enter the ring, carrying bags into the ring.

JR: “There’s trouble up ahead….”

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  1. Poor Madison has not more friends and about to be humiliated to the max thanks to her former besties


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