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The duo of Angelina and Velvet get straight to work. Angelina pulls a toy out of the bag.

JR: “OMG What is that!?”

King: “That can’t be what I think it is! It’s a Dildo JR!!!!

Angelina hands the strap on to the team leader, Lacey.

The crowd is in shock, “OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!”

Velvet sexily walks on over to her former ally. She hops aboard her, straddling her from the sides. Velvet rides the body of her beaten friend and grabs her by the hair, to get in her face, “You’re a big loser Madison! Only Beautiful People can be in our team!! You’re ugly now!” Angelina hands Velvet some lipstick. “But don’t worry! I’ll make you BEAUTIFUL one last time.”

Angelina is sort of playing the role of a facilitator of the chaos ensuing.

Velvet Sky Goes Topless

The crazed loon begins sloppily applying her friend with lipstick around her mouth, “You’re a whore now huh! Yes, you are! You’re nothing but an ugly whore!”

The facilitator of the chaos, Angelina heads over to assists Lacey with wrapping the dildo around her.

Angelina does realizes that Lacey has taken a leadership role in the Beautiful People and she’s known this for some time. The group was once led by Angelina and Carrie Underwood sort of led it last year. But Lacey is doing a better job of leading this group. Lacey is even doing better than Angelina in leading it. She’s doing things the group need to do. So, that they can stay relevant and conquer their enemies. She knows Lacey has been wanting to make the Beautiful People a ‘big deal’ again. In order to do this, sacrifices need to be made. Sacrifices need to be made so that The Beautiful People can make a statement. This is a message to the locker room, the WORLD. The Beautiful People, led by new management, is going to bring the group back to prominence. This is what the Beautiful People need to do to stick around in this industry. Or else… the group will find themselves falling behind to evolution. As new faces enter the WWE, it poses a challenge to group to stay relevant in a constantly evolving environment.

At this point, Angelina realizes Lacey’s an even better leader than she ever was.

While Angelina is helping Lacey get strapped the leader whispers to Angelina angrily, “I’m going to make her my BITCH! Her career will be over after this and she’ll never… ever… want to show her face here again! This is it, this is what should have happened to Brandi Rhodes last year! You humiliate them so bad they can’t show their ugly face in the WWE ever again!”

After strapping her in Angelina looks up at her leader, “You’re ready Lace!”

Lacey turns around to address Velvet, “Is she beautiful yet?”

Velvet jumps off of her friend and positions Madison on her knees before her alpha friend, “She sure is, Lace!”

Madison is awake now, she’s on her knees before her team leader. Her other ally is holding her arms and sitting on the rest of her legs. Madison kneels there, helplessly.

Angelina sees the fear in Madison’s eyes, she really doesn’t know why she’s in this situation it seems like.

“Please don’t do this! Don’t do this Lacey! You’re my friend!!! YOU ALL ARE!!! STOP THIS!” Madison begs.

Lacey locks eyes with Madison’s gaze as she they look into each other’s eyes, the alpha talks down to the beta, “You know, there’s an old saying, ‘They say if you put lipstick on a pig, it doesn’t change anything. It’s still a pig’…” Lacey positions the dildo before the face of Madison. It hangs in front of her former friend, it wags like a tail in her face, “…I get what that means now, with all that makeup Velvet put on you, you do still look like an UGLY PIG!”

Angelina watches as her friend is gripped by her other friends. Velvet is holding the arms of Madison down while Lacey is ready to unleash hell on her other friend.

Lacey addresses Angelina, “Hold her head for me. I want to fuck her mouth!”

Angelina gets on one knee and grips the forehead of her good friend in place. Lacey has the responsibility to lead her and her group to the next level.

As Madison pleads, Lacey thrusts forward jamming her dildo into the mouth of Madison. Instantly shutting her up. She thrusts into Madison’s face so hard it chips Madison’s two front teeth.

Lacey begins fucking the mouth of her former friend. Lacey is having her way with her.

Madison has tears going down her cheeks, she can’t believe what’s happening to her. Her friends… her family, that she’s been riding with since the beginning are wrecking her life. Her sisters have completely turned on her and now she’s getting face fucked.

Lacey wants to make an example of her former friend. Each thrusts of her pelvis into Madison’s face signifies disrespect she’s carving into Madison’s mind. at the same time, she’s also earning the BP respect. She uses Madison’s head as support for the rest of her body so she can get a good thrusting motion.

Madison’s mouth is getting abused. She’s looking up at her dominant leader, pushing up on her mouth. Lacey isn’t even getting a physical satisfaction from this. It’s all an emotional satisfaction she’s getting.

Lacey wants to make sure she’s fucking the back of Madison’s throat. She holds Madison so hard in place so she can stick as much dildo as she can down her throat.

Angelina finally has had enough. She releases Madison’s head and reaches for the a paper brown bag the strap on came in. She covers Madison’s head in a brown bag and kicks her in the side of her head.

Velvet hops right off of Madison’s and Lacey backs off her too.

Lacey looks like she wanted to continue dominating Madison some more. Her facial reactions indicate she wasn’t done yet. But she’s not going to correct Angelina right now. Lacey stomps the paperbrown bag, where Madison’s head is.

Angelina raises both Velvet and Lacey’s arms in victory.

Lacey doesn’t look to appreciate her moment ending so early.

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