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JR : “Both women are looking to make a statement but only one of their statements is going to matter more after this match !”

Bri goes for right hand, Angelina blocks it and slugs Bri back.

She follows it up with Bailey to belly suplex. Planting Bri down. Angelina waits for Bri to get to her feet.

Angelina steps up and nails a Botox Injection into the mouth of Bri, knocking her out before she hits the ground.

Saliva goes flying out the mouth of Bella as she hits the mat hard.

Angelina covers her.











3 !

Angelina wins !

JR “Brandi may have helped Angelina’s pull this win off. Bri was about to show up with Nikki and Angelina would have been alone because of Lacey !”

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