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Lacey is watching backstage on a monitor with Velvet. “Wow! The bitch pulled it off!”

Velvet is happy to see Angelina succeed on the screen. She got worried for her there for a minute because of the rift lately between Lacey and her.

“Velvet, at TLC let’s test her metal. You and her are going one on one at TLC!” Lacey pats Velvet on the back.

Velvet looks confused. She wasn’t expecting to be booked to fight Angelina. But for Lacey she’ll do it.

“You got it, Lace!” Velvet agrees.

JR: “TLC is looking packed! And only one title is getting defended!

WWE Champ Trish vs. IC Champ Mystery Woman

Kelly & Brandi vs The Bellas TLC Rules: Royal Rumble Implications

Alexa Bliss vs Torrie Wilson in a Tables Match Lana Refs.

Angelina vs. Velvet Sky!

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