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Lana is heading to Gorilla Position for her match. Up ahead is the crowd of superstars who will be competing tonight, including Lacey, Kelly, and Brandi, to name a few. It’s customary for there to be a large crowd of superstars in Gorilla Position when a Battle Royal is moments away from beginning. What’s not customary is that Alexa isn’t by her side as she walks towards the noisy batch of superstars.

Her arm is pulled from the side, as if someone is eager to get her attention. The moment Lana turns around she only sees the top of the blonde woman’s head. She tilts her head downward to give the acknowledge the shorter woman.

“Hey! Why aren’t you talking to me?!” Alexa stops short of almost demanding an answer. Little Miss Bliss is looking up at the taller woman waiting for her response.

Before Lana could speak, she’s interrupted by a third participant in this recent triangle.

Torrie puts her arm around Lana. A devilish grin flashes quickly on her face before settling on a ‘fake caring’ look. “Come on Lana, you don’t need to talk to her.” She pulls Lana with her as they head to Gorilla Position for the Battle Royal.

Lana physically agrees, as she walks alongside the busty blonde. She can hardly even focus on anything Alexa has to say to her.

Dejected, Alexa gazes at her enemy and friend walk off together, arm-in-arm. I can’t believe Lana and Torrie are so close now. How did this become High School Drama all of a sudden? Alexa use to have these sort of insecurities in high school but here she is now in 2021, upset over this stupid friendship, between her enemy and friend. Maybe I need to let Lana go. She’s obviously made up her mind that she wants to be friends with Torrie. Feeling like she needs to let go. Alexa makes up her mind. Yup! That’s what I need to do. I need to move on WrestleMania is the place for new beginnings, no more wasting time on this…. wait!...

During Alexa’s gaze, she notices something. Is Torrie wearing the boots I got Lana for Xmas?!!!!! WTF?! WTF IS THAT?! Alexa heats up like a teapot as Torrie walks in Lana’s shoes. Why is Torrie wearing my Xmas gift to Lana?!

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