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JR: “Tonight’s Battle Royal consists of Kelly Kelly, Brandi Rhodes, Alexa Bliss, Lacey Von Erich, Lana w/ Torrie Wilson, Velvet Sky, and Angelina Love. The winner goes one-on-one with Trish Stratus for the WWE Title at the Royal Rumble.”

King: “Brandi and Kelly are already in the Rumble, JR. If either win tonight, they’ll be excused from being numbers 1 & 2 and be competing for the title… if they win here.”

JR: “That’s right, King!”

Ding Ding.

Alexa is looking closely at Torrie’s footing attire. Those are the boots I got Lana!? Lana’s really going to give my gift to Torrie like that?! That’s it!!!! Alexa tackles Torrie with a spear to the injured ribs and a string of sluggers. “Why are you wearing my Christmas gift to LANA!!!! Why can’t you just leave me alone!!”

JR: “Torrie’s not even in this match!”

King: “Torrie’s not medically cleared!”

The referee grabs hold of Alexa. Taking her immediately off of Torrie. Security comes running down the ramp.

King: “Did Alexa DQ herself?”

Security enters the ring and grab hold of Alexa. They begin escorting Alexa out of the match, up the ramp, and out of the arena. Torrie is also escorted away from the chaos.

JR: “I think she did! She attacked someone who’s not medically cleared.”

Lana looks confused at this development before all three Beautiful People unite and attack Lana. They knock her to the ground and begin kicking away at her elementary school style. They crowd around stomping Lana from every part of her body they can find. If there’s an opening that Lana isn’t covering with arms they’re kicking it. They viciously take advantage of the situation. Lana tries to cover her head. From the onslaught.

Kelly and Brandi have a stare off. The crowd begins to focus on the two of them instead of the other two battles. They slowly walk towards each other. Both eager to throw down.

JR: “Boy, I’m getting goosebumps watching these two come face-to-face with each other right now! The crowd is coming alive for this.”

King: “This is one of those dream scenarios that audiences have been waiting a long time to happen. ‘Who would really win between these two?”

JR: “I think we’re finally going to get a preview!”

Kelly and Brandi unintentionally kill the mood.

They both reach and grab Velvet and Angelina each and begin battling them off of Lana.

The crowd goes wild for the save.

After some back and forth between Kelly and Angelina, Kelly gets the better of it and eliminates Angelina Love by tossing her over the top rope.

Brandi and Velvet are battling at the other side of the ring, it doesn’t end favorably for Velvet. Brandi eliminates Velvet by tossing her over the top rope.

Kelly runs to Brandi with a big Lou Thesz Press. She punches away at Brandi Rhodes. She releases some pent up aggression as she slugs away at Brandi.

The crowd erupts to a mix reaction as there are fans of both superstars in the audience. This is what they’ve been waiting a long time for. These two superstars have been grinding away at each other very passive aggressively. These stars have been very successful these past few months and to finally see this altercation underway is something that many hoped would happen sooner rather than later.

Lacey grabs Kelly by her hair and tosses her by the hair. Hoping it stuns Kelly long enough.

Lacey reaches for Brandi Rhodes by the hair and goes to toss her over the top rope. She tosses her over.

Brand holds onto the ropes.

Kelly sneaks up behind Lacey and grabs her by the hair. She runs her to the other side of the ring and tosses Lacey over the top rope.

The crowd erupts in a united cheer to see the BP eliminated.

Brandi sneaks up behind Kelly and gives a stiff Chick Kick to an unsuspecting Kelly Kelly. Knocking her out instantly. Brandi then tosses Kelly over to eliminate her.

Lana sneaks up behind Brandi Rhodes and tosses her over the top rope, eliminating her.

Lana wins!

JR: “Lana Wins!”

King; “Stephanie just fired her gun and gave Lana a head start in the race to WrestleMania!”

JR: “Wait a minute! Wait a minute what’s this?!…”

King: “What’s she doing to her?!”


Continued in S2 13.9 RAW Aftermath

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      1. What u think of those beautiful people?

        Brandi is kinda hungry for gold. She’s feeling like she ain’t going to win the rumble because she’s 1&2.
        She kinda needs gold for relevancy.

        And Alexa and Lana was sort of an undercard story. I’m kinda happy to see how far it’s come.
        When they started out. Lana kept losing to Alexa in a series of matches in season 1.

        I think Torrie may be my most evil character lol.


      2. Their story is good. Just feel like the kelly story made no sense making her lose the title and especially how she lost it and didn’t get a rematch

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Ok don’t know feel like lana story is taking over the rest. Don’t feel like she should even be coming close to a championship

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Interesting.
        I had two weeks of story written during the holiday break. So I don’t want to say anything.

        But I really like these comments. Because in my mind I’m thinking “I can’t wait for y’all to see what’s next.”

        Let’s drop the last chapter of this episode.

        Liked by 1 person

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