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Lacey is backstage with Velvet and Angelina.

“Velvet is on a roll isn’t she!” Lacey exclaims.

“I am! I won at TLC!” Velvet adds.

“Yea… Great!” Angelina adds with much less enthusiasm. Angelina’s has a lot of reason for not being overtly enthused with Velvet’s winning streak. One of them was at her expense last month, due to a very small assist from their obnoxious leader, Lacey Avon Erich.

Angelina ingenuity doesn’t go unnoticed to Lacey. She reaches for Angelina’s chin raising it slightly. “Awww don’t fret, Angelina. You can make up for it… We all can… One of us is going to win that Battle Royal tonight! We qualify for that match because of me. If we weren’t on the card for TLC we wouldn’t have even been considered for the match!”

Snapping her head away from Lacey’s uncomfortable grasp, Angelina rolls her eyes at this. Making sure her eye role is unbeknownst to Lace. We’re the Beautiful People! Of course, we would have qualified for the Battle Royal. We didn’t have to fight at TLC. Despite her cynical feelings on the matter Angelina needs to focus on winning the Battle Royal tonight. “That’s great.”

This doesn’t go unnoticed to Lacey. Lacey pulls back a bit. “I hope we don’t have anymore weak links, Angelina. We sure don’t like those, right?”

Angelina thinks momentarily of what they did to the last weak link, Madison Rayne, before responding. “No, Lacey. No weak links.”

Silence fills the room as the two look at each other for what feels like went longer than it should have.

Wanting to break the ice, Velvet, steps in. “Let’s go girls our match is next!” Forcefully reaching for her team mate’s hands. The three begin walking hand-in-hand to Gorilla Position. Velvet is like a chainlink piece holding what’s left of the Beautiful People together.

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