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JR: “Tonight’s match is quite a treat, King! An old rivalry is reignited tonight when Carrie gets into the ring with Brandi Rhodes. We haven’t seen Carrie in a one-on-one match in quite some time.”

King: “These matches tend to not end well for Carrie. They’re usually one-sided in Brandi’s favor, JR.”

Both women stand in the ring ready to battle.

JR: “Usually, Carrie just takes a beating in her matches with Brandi. Tonight, she does look ready to fight.”

Ding Ding.

Carrie is first to be on the offensive. Carrie delivers a punch right to Brandi’s face. She follows up with a second and third punch. She has Brandi reeling until she whips her off the ropes to the other side.

King: “This already is the most offensive Carrie has been in a match against Brandi!”

King: “Truer words were never spoken, JR!”

Brandi bounces off the ropes on the other-side of the ring and charges right towards Carrie.

Brandi forcefully takes down Carrie with a Discus Clothesline.

King: “OUCH!”

JR: “Carrie looks out of it, King!”

Brandi readjusts her jaw. She wasn’t expecting Carrie to actually get some punches in on her.

No matter. Brandi walks on over to the legs of Carrie.

King: “Is she going for what I think she’s going for?”

JR: “I think she is, King!”

Brandi sets up Carrie and locks in a Sharpshooter.

Just two seconds into the submission maneuver Carrie taps out immediately.

The ref calls for the bell.

Brandi releases the hold and confidently walks over to the time-keeper.

The crowd is gushing over her win tonight and is pumped to see what she has to say.

Brandi grabs a mic. “Dolce! I’m looking for gold! I’m officially putting you on notice! I want an IC Title Match!” The crowd cheers as Brandi tosses the mic to the time-keeper.

JR: “Brandi has been eager to get an IC Title match for months. Defeating one of Dolce’s lackeys certainly puts her on Dolce’s trail.”

King: “She’s obviously not showing she’s very confident for her Rumble match.”

JR: “Do you blame her, King?”

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