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Lacey is backstage with her crew, consisting of Angelina and Velvet. They’re in a celebratory mood over the big announcement made by Stephanie earlier in the evening.

Lacey is thrilled to toot her own horn. “What did I tell you! The Beautiful People are main eventing! I’m going one-on-one with Trish Stratus at the Royal Rumble! See! Follow my lead and we’re on our way to big things!”

Sky is first to engage. “You’re soooo right! OMG I can’t believe this is happening! You’re going to kick Trish’s ass at the Royal Rumble!”

Angelina chimes in too. “Then if you beat her… you’re off to WrestleMania!”

“NO! It’s not ‘if’ Angelina, it’s not ‘IF!’ It’s ‘When!’ You and your backwards thinking Angelina. You need to focus on winning and be more like me.” Lacey says acidly. Lacey is quick to chastise Angelina. Boy, is she so fuckin stupid.

Sky plays peacekeeper again, “Yes, you’re going to win at the Royal Rumble Lace, and me and Angelina got your back tonight for the contract signing with Trish. It’s just so awesome we’re finally moving on up. This is the grandest the Beautiful People are going to be presented this Sunday. You’re going to punch the ‘face’ of the WWE and take her title!”

“Right Sky! The WWE title is coming to the Beautiful People I love you’re positive thinking!”

JR: “The next match folks is Anna Jay stepping up for the biggest challenge of her young career. She’s on a winning-streak that getting put to the test tonight. She’ll face the baddest woman on the roster, Nikki Bella!”

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