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Mondays are never a slow day for Margot. Every Monday there’s always something new. One week she’s helping a frantic Carrie find the Mystery Woman and in another week she’s interviewing Dolce in a broiler room. Now, she has to do an interview later today with a hockey-mask wearing lunatic that attack Trish just before TLC. The crazy Mondays never stop coming. She’s often wondered if she should get some more help on covering all of the craziness. Afterall, she can’t be everywhere at once. Some of the developments she really wants to get the scoop on but knows she won’t be able to get to all of them include:

Lacey is the new number one contender to the WWE Title. Why did she attack Lana?

Michael Myers wants to speak with Margot tonight! Who is she? Why did she attack Trish?

What’s Lana’s condition?

What’s Torrie’s?

Was Alexa Bliss eliminated in the Battle Royal last week?

At least she can get to one of those questions right now, because her next guest is little Miss Bliss.

Margot: “First of all, as always, I really do appreciate you speaking with me tonight, Alexa.”

“No problema, Robbie.” Alexa responds nonchalantly.

Margot: “Thank you! Alexa, what’s your status on last week’s Battle Royal? You were not officially eliminated? Did you receive follow-up concerning your status?”

Alexa is very hands-on with social media and has been wanting to get this question out of people’s minds. She’s been constantly getting this question all week on Twitter. She’s been hating addressing it over and over again. She hates this question already. Maybe if she finally addresses it now, it’ll finally go away. “Last week on RAW I attacked Torrie Wilson. She wasn’t medically cleared… Immediately after I was escorted out, I was notified that I was pulled from the Battle Royal due to me attacking Torrie. I should be suspended for my actions last week, but instead, they’re disqualifying me from the Battle Royal to punish me. Therefore, to answer your question, I was DQ’d last week.”

Margot: “Are you and Lana on good terms?”

As if Alexa wasn’t already displeased enough by the last question. This one is actually worse. This is a question’s she’s been getting repeatedly since holidays. “I don’t know anymore. I yelled at her a few weeks back on RAW. Since then, she’s been unresponsive. Next thing I know she gave my Christmas gift that I GAVE TO HER to Torrie. She just pissed me off giving my gift away like that to that stupid, evil…”

Margot blurts out, “Hold on! Lana is saying you didn’t even bother reaching out to her. That you only reached out to her via email.”

Alexa’s direct responses to Margot’s questions has changed. She suddenly more passionate. “What?! Yes, I did! I invited her to my home to be with my family for Xmas! I sent her an Xmas card! I called and texted! I sent her those boots Torrie was wearing last week!!! I reached out to her via email as a last resort because she never responded back!”

Margot: “Well Lana is upset because you didn’t even reach out to her at all during the holidays… It sounds like something is missing here.”

Little Miss Bliss heats up once more, infuriated, “To summarize, I reached out to Lana. Lana is saying I didn’t reach out. Torrie is wearing boots I got Lana for Xmas! This is TORRIE’s fault! That Bitch!! I’m willing to bet the farm that she’s has something to do with this whole thing!!” Feeling like she’s had enough, Alexa storms off the set.

Margot looks to the camera with confusion. “Uhmm… yea that happened?”

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