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Lacey is full of all sorts of emotions as she stands in the ring. Her eyes on the WWE Title that’s wrapped snuggly around the waist of the champ. She begins to think of all the hard work she’s put in to get to this moment. She’s single-handily raised the Beautiful People to prominence. She’s taken out Madison Rayne and Lana. Two years ago, the BP were losers at Survivor Series. Last year they triumphed. She qualified for last weeks Battle Royal. Now, for the first time, Lacey and the Beautiful People stand across the ring from Trish Stratus. Preparing to sign a contract, for a match at the Royal Rumble. This is her golden opportunity that she may never get again. She’s not going to see me coming this Sunday. I’m ready for her. The crowd is United as they side with Trish over Lacey. Laceys only supporters are Sky and Love. She wouldn’t have it any other way. They all think I’m not ready for the title. I’ve been told that I’m not ready my whole life. I love proving them wrong.

King: “You see that! That’s fire in Lacey’s eyes. She’s not hungry… she’s starving!”

The champion stands across from the challenger. She’s mentally sizing her up, mapping out possible scenarios for how their match is going to flow. She sees a little bit of Nikki Bella in Lacey. There’s a hunger in Lacey’s eyes that shows she’s got something to prove. She doesn’t want the title. She needs it. Trish has seen that fire in a lot of her opponents. I’m going to drown you and that put out that fire in your eyes this Sunday Bitch.

Trish reaches for the contract and signs it. She ‘crosses the “T”s and dots the “I”s hard. She puts the contract on the table. Next to the contract was a mic specifically for Trish. She lifts it to her mouth. Speaking calm, yet directly to Lacey. “Lacey, I’ve been watching your ascend here in the WWE. I’ve seen it. I know you’re feeling accomplished. But the problem for you and everyone else in the locker room is… I’m the WWE Champion. I’ve retained this title month after month. I’ve beaten some of the strongest wrestlers this business has to offer. If you think your ready to hold this title, then your going to have to fully level up. You need to be absolutely perfect in our match on Sunday. No mistakes, no hiccups. Only then, will you stand a chance of beating me this Sunday. But mock my words, this Sunday I’m walking in the champion and I will walk out champion. After I’m done with you I’m shifting my focus to the Rumble winner because that’s my next opponent. This Sunday I’m going to leave you in the dust in the race to Mania. Courtesy of me!” Trish is emphatic in tone before placing the mic on the table.

The boos from Sky and Love are drowned out by the cheers from an even louder crowd cheering Trish.

Lacey reaches for the mic to speak. Showing some respect for the accomplishments Trish has made the past few months.

“Yea, I know you see me as just another challenger Trish. I get that. But believe it or not, I like you. Do you know how easily I can snap my fingers and have Sky and Love here beat the holy hell out of you just so I can shove my dildo down your throat. And humiliate you in front of the entire world?” Lacey mockingly winks at Trish. “But no I’m not going to do that.Not to you” Lacey reaches for the contract and signs it. “Keep underestimating me. Because your right, I’m going to need to play that perfect game at the Rumble. See you Sunday, Trish.” Lacey drops the mic and exits the ring. The BP right behind her as she walks up the ramp before turning around walking backwards. Wanting to get one more look at the expression on Trish’s face, searching for the slightest hint of hesitation.

Trish walks confidently to the ropes with a mic in hand, leaning into the ropes, “See you Sunday, Sweetie.”

JR: “This is the most civil Lacey and the BP have been to someone not in the BP. WWE Champion Trish Stratus vs. Lacey Von Erich is going to happen at the Royal Rumble for the first time ever.

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    1. It was suppose to happen last week then it was suppose to happen this week.

      Works kicking my butt.
      I’m gonna get the rumble out but I might have to skip the elimination chamber. Which kinda ruins a lot of story if I skip it.

      We’ll see. :/

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