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The next segment is taking place via Zoom. Margot is alone in the meeting waiting for her guest to appear on the screen. Margot addresses the viewers at home to fill the awkward time as we wait. “To get everyone caught up, last week on RAW, I was conducting an interview with WWE Champion Trish Stratus. During my interview last week, I was provided a note that read that ‘Trish’s Attacker’ wanted to be interviewed by me. She wanted to do the interview via Zoom. Right now, we’re waiting for her to join the meet…”

Suddenly the screen lights up. Her guest appears on the screen and she’s still wearing the hockey mask. The room around her is dark. Her blonde hair pours out of the back of the mask. “Hello Margot!” A deep and obviously, voice altering software is being used to disguise this person’s voice.

The interviewer didn’t anticipate such a deep voice. She’s momentarily jarred by the obviously fake voice. Something like this isn’t going to get in her way of conducting the interview. Especially not this mega exclusive.

“Thank you for joining me… I’m not sure what I should even call yo-…”

The masked figure cuts her off with her robotic deep voice. “I know you and Trish are close Robbie. It’s why I wanted to have the interview with you. Trish wants to go around calling me a fuckin coward!? This coward is in the Royal Rumble. This coward is stepping up! You’ll see me participate this Sunday in the Rumble! I’m going to win the Royal Rumble this Sunday. I’m going to beat Trish Stratus at WrestleMania. It’s time for Trish to step down so i can finally take my place atop the mountain it’s about fuckin tim-…”

Margot is use to being interrupted. But at least when she’s interrupted she gets more information for the audience. This isn’t information. Not wanting the interview to go off the rails, like trump at a Chris Wallace debate. She cuts in, “Why are you hiding behind a mask?”. A direct question, that nearly halts the interview on its tracks. The question is was actually a Trish Stratus question from last year.

The interview participants lock eyes, both feeling disenchanted with one another. “…Well?…” Margot pushes on.

Irritated, the interviewee plays along, “Trish put the mask on me. Her shadow is standing over me. She won’t let me rise up! Her position blocks me and everyone else in the locker room. Trish is the crooked one here. She wants everyone to cheer her while still being a dictator over the industry. If Trish doesn’t step down she’ll never let us rise up! You probably don’t mind seeing Trish at the top of the mountain, but I do! And deep down… so do those damn fans!… She’s a puppet master, manipulating you, the roster, and the WWE Unive…”

Margot isn’t having any of this. She actually thinks this mysterious person is being cowardly too, like Trish said last week. The WWE Universe deserves answers and she doesn’t want to facilitate an interview that’s going to go nowhere. At least Dolce showed her face. Not this chicken shit. “No! No, we can’t-… Listen, if this interview is going to work, you can’t be hiding like this. If you have a point, you need to prove it now. Take off the mask and answer the questions. I asked you what your name is and you started talking about how Trish called you a coward. I asked you why you hide behind a mask and you started talking about Trish being a dictator. If you’re not going to show your face and answer questions I don’t see a point to this intervie…-“

The Attacker snaps. She slams the palm of her hand onto the table. “Don’t you dare talk to me like that! Who the fuck do you think you are?! You want a damn exclusive, I’ll give you one. You’re going to get the biggest exclusive because I’m coming for you, Margot! After I win this Rumble YOU are going to know who I am. I’ll see YOU Sunday, Margot!”

The interviewee’s feed cuts off. Her screen goes black.

King: “Margot? The Attacker is talking like she’s only going to reveal herself to Margot only?”

JR: “King, Margot just got threatened!”

Margot sits there bewildered by the exchange. “I think she just threatened me…” She wanted to get the story not become the story. She groans at the thought of being potentially involved in another rivalry. She momentarily puts her head in her hand feeling weary. Not this again! This isn’t about me. I don’t need anyone ‘jumping me’ at the damn PPV. She looks irritated as she regains her composure for the camera. Well, I’ll be skipping the Royal Rumble, not after a threat like that. Then it strikes her. The camera. “… Ladies and Gentleman, there you have it. This person is going to reveal herself to only me at the Royal Rumble apparently. I’ll be there this Sunday to see if this person reveals herself. However, I’ll have a camera on me at all times this Sunday. I’ll be streaming all night this Sunday so we can all know who she is. If she thinks she’s going to reveal herself to just me; she’ll have another thing coming because you’ll all know too. Thank you all for joining me!

JR: “I hope Margot knows what she’s doing, King. She’s purposely playing with fire this Sunday!”

After the camera cuts off, Margot starts thinking. All Margot can think about is the eyes behind the mask. She recognized them.

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