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Numbers one and two are in the ring. The number one entrant, Brandi Rhodes and the number two entrant, Kelly Kelly are standing across the ring from each other. The atmosphere in the arena is electric. Every time these two step in the ring with each other there’s a sense of magic in the air. Tension builds as the warriors stare each other down. The audience wants these two to go one on one with each other. But again, this is a Rumble.

The announcer finishes the announcements and the bell rings.

They walk towards each other and get in each other’s faces arguing. They’re noses touch as they argue with each other and it gets heated.

Kelly shoves her thumb in Brandi’s eye.

JR “Come on! Don’t go for a dirty trick like that Kelly!”

Kelly begins punching Brandi in her face. Brawling with Brandi with the upper hand.

The crowd begins chanting for Brandi.


JR: “This is the first time the crowd has sided with Brandi over Kelly, King!”

Kelly with a headlock take down as the crowd begins the countdown.

Kelly has Brandi pinned down as the next entrant comes out in a headlock applying pressure to her head.







3. Carrie Underwood

Carrie heads to the ring. She’s all smiles to see her old foe, Brandi Rhodes, down on the mat.

Kelly releases the hold and stands face to face with Carrie. Carrie motions in the ring that they can work together.

Kelly nods in agreement. “Yea, OK. Let’s take out Brandi!”

Kelly and Carrie work together and put the boots to Brandi Rhodes. They stomp a mud hole in her.

The countdown starts for the next entrant.

4. Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose power walks to the ring. The body-building beast makes her way down.

Kelly and Carrie yell to Mandy, “Come one Mandy, let’s all take out Brandi Rhodes!”

Mandy approaches Kelly and Carrie and headbutts Kelly with her big head.

She then pulls Carrie in close to her and begins jamming her knee into Carrie’s stomach and ribs. She shoves her thick knees into Carrie’s midsection, knocking the air out of her.

After a few repetitive knee strikes she shoves Carrie to the floor.

Kelly spins Mandy around and kicks her in the mid-section and levels her with a K-2 in the middle of the ring.


She enters the ring and runs to Kelly and gives her a big RearView to Kelly’s beautiful face. It’s like being someone swung a bag of sand in her face, the rear view hurt.

Brandi uses the ropes to get to her feet. Naomi runs over to give Brandi a rearview. Brandi lowers the top rope causing Naomi to be fall over the top rope to be the first person eliminated in the match.

Naomi (5) Eliminated by Brandi Rhodes (2)

The crowd responds favorably.


Beth Phoenix

She walks to the ring and enters. She walks towards Brandi zoning in on her.

She grabs her by the throat and talks to trash to her face. Brandi lifts her up and spine busters her into the ring.

Beth gets to her feet holding her spine in pain.

Brandi chargers towards her and gives her a discuss clothesline knocking her out of the ring.

Beth Phoenix (6) Eliminated by Brandi Rhodes (1)

7 Carmella

Carmella dances her way to the ring. She runs to Brandi and nails a perfect spinning wheel kick.

Mandy sneaks behind Carmella and locks in the master lock.

After locking in the hold for 30 seconds, Carmella begins to fade.

Carrie low blows Mandy Rose causing her to fall to her knees.

Kelly sneaks up behind Mandy and drills her with a K-2. Halting Mandy’s brief come back.

Feeling hurt but not wanting to let up. Kelly grabs Mandy by her hair and gets her to her feet. She then runs to the ropes and tosses Mandy out of the ring.

Mandy Rose (4) Eliminated by Kelly Kelly (2)

We’re down to Brandi, Kelly, Carrie and Carmella.

8. Candice Michelle

She enters the ring to enter the fray and prove herself.

JR: “We’re going to see a ton of superstars come out in this match. If someone can shine here in the match it can elevate them to appearing weekly on television.”

She uses both her hands to bash Kelly in the back of the head, knocking her down.

She approaches Brandi, who’s getting to her feet, and clothesline’s her.

Carrie goes for a right hand.

Candice ducks it and forcefully grabs Carrie and performs a side Russian Leg Sweep.

As soon as Candice gets back up, Carmella kicks her between the legs. Stunning Candice and knocking her down to the mat instantly. “awwww, did I stop your big moment sweetie! This is my moment and I’m taking it!

The countdown starts as Carmella grabs Candice up to her feet.


Anna Jay.

Carmella releases Candice and prepares herself for Anna Jay as she makes her way down. “Oh I can’t wait to whoop your ass right now!”

Anna jay enters the ring as Carmella runs to attack her.

Anna Jay lands a perfect Sweet Chin Music. A loogie flies out of the mouth of Carmellas mouth.

Before Anna Jay let’s Carmella fall down she grabs her by the back of the head and launches her over the top rope.

Carmella (7) Eliminated by Anna Jay (9)

Anna Jay is sizing up Kelly, she nails Sweet Chin Music on Kelly. A piece of spit goes flying into the air from the mouth of Kelly.

Before she could fall down she grabs Kelly by the back of the head and tosses her over the top rope.

Kelly hangs onto the ropes. Brandi is behind Anna Jay, she nails her with a Chick Kick to the side of the head.

Kelly gets lucky and rolls back in.



Paige runs to the ring.

JR “Here we go! Former WWE Champion Paige has entered the match!

Paige screeches in the ring, “This is my House!”

Paige connects with a big Yakuza kick to the face of Brandi knocking her unconscious the the mat.

Candice is on the top rope, she launches into the air towards Paige. Paige catches her mid-flight and thunderously power slams Candice into the mat. Shaking the ring just a bit with the intensity.

The crowd is going wild for the return of Paige.

Kelly is on all fours trying to shake her head from the cobwebs.

Paige grabs the hair of Kelly and pulls it. Whether Kelly was ready to get to her feet or not, Kelly is getting up.

Paige lifts her up and she locks her into the PTO. Kelly is screaming in pain quickly tapping out.

JR: “This isn’t that kind of match Kelly!”

Kelly is tapping but Paige isn’t letting go. She screeches as she applies more pressure.

King: “Kelly is getting crippled!”

To be continued…

Participants still in the match:

(1)Brandi Rhodes

(2) Kelly Kelly

(3) Carrie Underwood

(8) Candice Michelle

(9) Anna Jay

(10) Paige

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    1. I was moreover proud of the second half. I’m
      Still writing the third half. Ugh lots of stuff to get to lol

      I’m glad ur enjoying it. It sucks to write these but it’s a fun match overall 🙂


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