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JR: “We’re one day removed from a historic Royal Rumble match!”

KING: “We sure are! What a night last night was too JR! The highlight of the night was Kelly Kelly emerging in the lead and forming her road to Mania!”

JR: “Her and Brandi had a magnificent performance last night King…”

King: “It was absolutely incredible JR! They lasted the entire Rumble match! From start to finish! And Kelly won it!”

JR: “Hold the phone, King! What Kelly did after the match was absolutely reprehensible! She attacked Margot, an interviewer, after the Rumble! She’s the one who attacked Trish! She’s MICHAEL MYERS-!!!”

JR is interrupted by one of the popular Rumble performers.

The woman entering the arena is greeted to a warm reception from the crowd. Angela looks focused as she makes her way out.

King: “Sorry to change course JR… But Angela has had her own journey too! Angela returned last night at the Royal Rumble!”

JR: “We can’t forget that, King and not only that! Her partner Robbie also returned last night too. Let’s find out what she has to say.”

Angela enters the ring and requests a mic. She looks eager to speak as she impatiently requests a mic. A staff member moves quick to get her just that. After a moment of pause, she simply looks over the mic. She pauses as she stares at the microphone in a trance.

JR: “That moment right there King! In this moment Angela is silent but it speaks volumes. There’s trauma right there. I don’t think she can hold a microphone ever again without thinking about that haunting night, in which she was savagely beaten by Carrie Underwood with a bloody mic.”

Angela chants can be heard as members of the WWE Universe show support for her. Those who remember the ordeal chant just a little bit louder to show support for her obvious trauma.

The chanting is enough to remind Angela she’s in front of an audience. She raises the microphone cautiously to her lips, “I’m sorry, I was just having a moment everyone… But I’m tired. I’m so tired. I feel like a Vietnam soldier that doesn’t know the war has ended. I’m full of hate, and anger. Every morning I wake up I thinking about only one thing. And it’s one thing only. And that’s getting revenge on Carrie Underwood! I need to close this chapter of my life. The war ends when I get my hands on her. One woman who has tortured me for so long… Carrie Underwood. Carrie has surrounded herself with thugs that just don’t let me get to her. Anna and Dolce have been roadblocks for me. My endless war is going to require some strategy.”

She pauses for a moment as fans begin chanting her name some more. She chokes up a bit because she’s not looking for support from the audience. Before Carrie entered her life, she was trying to get a reaction from the masses and she wasn’t very good at it. Look at her now. She’s effortlessly gaining their support. The support from the audience feels organic right now.

She continues, “Last night I only had the backing of Robbie for one night but it was enough support to continue fighting!” She’s interrupted by cheers. “Carrie, I’m going to get you and I’m going to cut out your support! That’s why I want a match with Dolce at the Elimination Chamber; I want Dolce for the IC title! The powers that be, please give me my match! You’ve never given me anything but trouble, powers that be… but I’m asking for one request and it’s a shot at Dolce and that damn title!”

Angela’s emotions can be felt by the crowd as they back her up with cheers.

The theme music that’s become all too familiar to Angela plays. She’s definitely no stranger to the ominous theme. Every time Angela is out giving a promo, management always interrupts her. Only this time, she’s begging for Stephanie to interrupt her so she can give her that match she wants.

Angela begins talking over Stephanie’s theme, wanting to get a word in before Stephanie starts. She’s all to familiar with Steph shutting her moments down. “Stephanie! Stephanie! Steph! Before you shut me down, I got one more thing to say. You’re a business woman please hear me out…”

Amused, Stephanie had the microphone to her lips ready to speak. She slowly lowers it.

Seeing an opening, Angela continues, “…Stephanie! You need matches for the Elimination Chamber. Please give me Dolce at EC. I’ll earn it and compete tonight to earn it. You’ll have your main event for tonight! Please don’t tell me ‘No!’”

Apprehension grips Angela as she eagerly anticipates Stephanie’s response.

Stephanie looks at Angela from the stage. Not immediately responding to Angela’s plea. Stephanie enjoys building suspense. This feeling of power never gets old for Stephanie. She makes Angela wait as she stares, with satisfaction, at the young woman in the ring, eager to hear her boss’s response. Stephanie decides to quench her thirst as she raises the mic to her lips, “First of all, I don’t need you in the main event… Second, you’re not main event material… let alone, I don’t even remember the last time you won a match. I don’t know who the hell you think you are coming out here demanding a match…”

The crowd boos Stephanie.

Angela already feels defeated.

“…Lastly, Angela… YOU’RE ON!”




The crowd cheers in approval. Angela is even caught of guard as her jaw drops.

JR “Does that mean the match at EC is on? Angela vs IC Champ Dolce?!”

“If I were you, I’d get out of my ring.” Stephanie scowls.

Angela hops around in delight before exiting the ring. She sprints right past Stephanie to the back. I can’t believe that actually worked. Stephanie always rips me when she comes out.

Stephanie glares at Angela as she passes her by before she’s eventually out of her view.

Stephanie brings the mic back to her lips. “I didn’t say you could leave Angela. But you’re IC title match against Dolce will happen only if you can beat Anna Nystrom next week on RAW!”

Stephanie recomposes herself and begins shifting gears, “Now, back to business, the race to Mania isn’t quiet over yet. Someone needs to meet Kelly at the finish line. Obviously, the WWE Champion, Trish Stratus…” Stephanie tries to talk but she’s interrupted by an excited audience that cheers when they hear Trish’s name.

“…As I was saying, Trish Stratus is on her way to Mania if she can pass the Elimination Chamber checkpoint. Trish Stratus will enter the most vicious unforgiving environment we have to offer. She’s going to enter the demonic structure, the Elimination Chamber, against five of the most gifted athletes WWE has to offer. The crop of talent entering the chamber with Trish, will be some familiar opponents for her. The bombastic Nikki Bella will enter the chamber! The other person that I would have allowed entered the chamber would have been Lacey Von Erich… but after she fumbled her championship opportunity last night, I’m probably looking at the wrong member of the Beautiful People. Lacey lost too decisively to be considered for the Elimination Chamber. Therefore, Angelina Love will enter the chamber instead! The other superstars that will enter will have to earn their shot. Starting with Anna Jay vs. Lacey Von Erich! Next!”

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