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Lacey comes out for her match to boos. She can’t be in the best of moods after coming up short against Trish Stratus last night. To add more fuel to the fire, Lacey has to earn her shot while Angelina Love apparently doesn’t even have to earn a shot of getting in the Chamber. Stephanie just granted it to her.

Anna Jay makes her entrance to some mild cheers. She’s still a newcomer trying to make a name for herself. She must be doing something right to already draw the ire of Melina so early in her career.

JR: “Anna Jay was number 3 in the Rumble last night. There’s bad blood brewing between her and Melina. Because of their early brawl in last nights match, Carrie was able to eliminate the both of them!”

King: “That’s the thing about the Rumble, JR, Anything can happen.”

Anna Jay is met with cheers.

As Lacey approaches the rookie opponent, Anna Jay catches Lace off guard. She grabs Lacey by the back of her head and lifts her knee to Lacey’s face. Bashing her hard bone into Lacey’s lip. She tumbles to the ground in a daze.

Anna Jay is looking to connect with a rolling neck-breaker. She backs up into the corner ready to make quick work of last night’s number one contender.

Suddenly she feels someone grabbing her boot, stopping her from delivering her finishing maneuver. Just below her is Melina from outside of the ring grabbing onto her boot. “I didn’t forget about you Bitch!”

Anna Jay begins reaching over the ropes to grab hold of Melina’s hair and pulls it.

The ref gets between them as security comes running out. They grab Melina releasing Anna Jay’s leg. The ref undoes Anna Jay’s grip from Melina’s hair relinquishing her. “Come at me BITCH! YOU DON’T HAVE TO SNEAK UP ON ME!” Anna Jay yells.

King: “I’m surprised Melina interrupted this!”

JR: “I’m surprised the ref still hasn’t called this match!”

Anna Jay turns around and walks into a choke slam. Lacey connects with authority.

King: “No! Anna Jay’s winning streak can’t end like this!”

Lacey covers Anna Jay with the hook of the leg.















King: “Aww man not a loss like this!”


JR: “Lacey bounces back from her loss last night. She just effectively ended Anna Jay’s winning streak with an assist from Melina.” Lacey’s arm is raised in victory. She wipes some smeared lipstick from the bottom of her lip.

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