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Brandi is backstage. She’s seated in the locker room alone. Her head in her hands. Coming up short in the Royal Rumble is still running through her mind. It was an incredible performance. But it wasn’t enough. She did all she could last night but it wasn’t quite enough.

The Bella’s enter the scene. “Look Nikki, it’s Brandi Rhodes!”

Nikki playfully responds back to Bri, “Yea, it’s Brandi all right! There were a lot of losers in that match last night, but the biggest ‘LOSER’ of them all is her!”

Bri playfully responds back, “Yea, she was in the beginning and lasted all the way to the end! And she got eliminated by the other most tired person in that match! She was the biggest loser of them all!”

The Bellas laugh amongst each other. Knowing full well that their intentionally trying to ‘set off’ Brandi.

Brandi Rhodes gets to her feet suddenly and gets in Nikki Bella’s face.

Brandi attempts to get under Nikki’s skin too, “Let’s not forget how you got eliminated Nikki! You got eliminated by a rookie! Anna Jay of all people! You’re actually a bigger loser than me. The person who eliminated you isn’t even established yet!”

They have a heated stare down.

Bri grabs Nikki by her arm and pulls her away. “Come on Nikki! Let’s not waste our time with her!” Bri is able to pull Nikki away and they walk out of the locker room together. Leaving Brandi looking on.

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