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King: “Boy did Torrie humiliate Alexa again at the Royal Rumble last night, JR!” The King giggles as he proceeds to chuckle unceremoniously away. “Torrie shoved her lollipop in Alexa’s mouth and threw her out of the Rumble!”

JR: “That was disturbing, horrendous and tasteless!”

The King roars in laughter, “That’s right! That lollipop must have been tasteless after leaving Torrie’s mouth and going into Alexa’s mouth!”


Alexa and Torrie are in the ring. There’s no love-loss between them.

They both eagerly wait for the bell to ring so they can finally get their hands on each other. The bell rings and the match is finally on.

JR: “Torrie has humiliated Alexa time and time again. She’s nothing but a bully!”

The women rush each other. Alexa launches into mid-air and drop kicks Torrie square in the chest. Torrie goes down coughing from the impact. As she struggles to get to one knee, Alexa Jams her knee into the side of the Beautiful bombshell’s ear.

Torrie rolls onto her back. Dazed from the knee strike for the smaller competitor.

Still laying down, she tilts her head slightly to the side to see the little ‘Trish wannabe’ lowering her knee pads to expose her boney knee. It’s like a first-person view of Torrie watching Alexa make every move. Torrie’s head is spinning as the smaller blond approaches her head. She looks up and sees the small blonde rise into the air above her. She’s jumping into the air right above Torrie’s head. Alexa only has one way to go from this point.

Alexa then comes crashing down into Torrie’s face, nose first.

Effectively blacking out at this point. Torrie is unconscious.

The ref checks on her, not allowing Alexa to touch her anymore at this point.

Alexa begins yelling at the referee, “Get out of my way! Let me just finish her pathetic career already!!”

The ref calls for the bell and covers Torrie from anymore damage.

JR “Alexa has just won this match! Some might not like it. But Alexa made a statement against her arch rival!”

Suddenly, Lana makes her way out carrying a steel chair. “You’re right Alexa! Let’s end this once and for all!”

Alexa aligns with Lana, “Let me hit her with the chair Lana! You’re not gonna stop me!”

Lana enters the ring and approaches Alexa.

Alexa didn’t see it coming.

Lanatakes the chair and smashes it into Alexa’s shoulder.

JR: “Lana just bashed her best friend Alexa Bliss with that steel chair!”

Lana yells to both women, “I didn’t need any of you! You’re both holding me back!”

The crowd boos Lana and the segment cuts to commercial.  

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