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Nikki and Bri are backstage watching the end of the previous match on a backstage monitor. The two women look bored of the action going on. They’re watching as Anna delivered the devastating rearview to Angela.

“Damn Brie, I feel like Angela gets beat up by these girls almost every single time.”

“Yea, it’s not fair, Nikki. You should be fighting Dolce at EC for that title. Now you have to wait in line after this loser gets her face sucked by Dolce again at EC.”

“Sis, you think I should be IC champ?” Nikki looks at Bri curiously.

“Heck yes! It’s just those other bitches keep helping Dolce win all her matches. You’d beat her ass if it wasn’t for those other losers helping her all the time.”

Casually Brandi Rhodes approaches the women from behind them. “If it makes you feel any better, Nikki, I think you’d be a better champion than Dolce.” She gets a bit more condescending, “But you can’t get on her case for having those girls help her all the time. You need Bri to help you win all your matches just like Dolce does!” Brandi giggles as she calls out Nikki Bella.

Nikki flashes a dirty look at Brandi. Nikki looks like she’s standing in front of a mirror because Bri shows the exact same sentiment.

Bri breaks the ice a bit more, “Nikki doesn’t need me to win her matches!”

Nikki stares down Brandi Rhodes.

Brandi continues, “Listen brats, I’m not here to debate that. I’m here to talk about Dolce! You want the same thing I want; we both want an IC Title. Whether its you or I challenging next, we’re both always going to loose to their numbers game. Even you two are at a disadvantage with them.”

Nikki and Bri listen up as they glare at Brandi.

Brandi continues her proposition, “I say, after Dolce beats up Angela again this Sunday at EC, we take out her helpers. That way, maybe you’ll have that numbers advantage again. And Bri can help you win again! Cause I haven’t seen you win in a while!”

Nikki looks ready to punch Brandi in her face.

Already knowing how her sister was going to react, Bri grabs Nikki’s arm. “Now’s not the time, sis.  We’ll take care of Brandi another time.”

Nikki is breathing harder as she looks like she wants to pound Brandi’s face in.

Bri is able to manage her sis. “Let’s go.”

They walk away as Brandi looks at the monitor again. Dolce is sucking Angela’s face in the ring as Carrie and Anna look on.

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