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Kelly walks into Stephanie’s office. “Ahhh, just the person I wanted to talk to, you see…” Stephanie welcomes Kelly into her office.

Kelly looks standoffish with Stephanie. Kelly hasn’t always liked her encounters with the boss.

Stephanie acknowledges this hesitation from Kelly and addresses it head on, “Relax sweetie, I’m not going to bite.” Stephanie jokes.

“I wanted to congratulate you on your big Rumble win! You’re finally where you belong. You’re rising to the occasion and finally taking your rightful place at the top. It’s what you always wanted isn’t it? The one reason you came back was to be the WWE Champion! I think you’re finally ready. But there’s a woman that stands in you’re way…”

Kelly hasn’t dropped her guard, she’s still standoffish with Ms. McMahon.

“Trish Stratus is the one woman in your way of fulfilling your destiny. There’s been a lot of women Trish has beaten. A lot of women have risen the ranks and have been knocked down by her. You’re the one! You’re the one mega star she hasn’t faced but you can put her down. You can end her! You’re going to rise to the occasion and finally dethrone this bitch! You’re a great wrestler! I think you’re better than Trish! It’s just a matter of you believing in you!”
Kelly looks to be more receptive as Stephanie speaks. But still holding her guard.

“I like you’re new aggressiveness. I like that you’re willing to do what you have to do to become champion. I don’t care if it’s as Michael Myers or Kelly Kelly, but this mean side is going to work. I know you don’t have a match at EC but you’re booked for the show. You’re in the main event! You will be the referee for the Elimination Chamber match! You’re my Rumble winner so you should have a say in who you meet at the big WrestleMania Spectacular!”

Kelly is hesitant at first but she finally turns around and leaves. Not giving Stephanie a response.

“Maybe a ‘thank you’ or something.” Stephanie tells the young blonde, “Work on that attitude!”

Suddenly Carmella is behind, Stephanie. She sneaks up on her. “Hey Steph, since I was about to beat Mickie last week in the main event, I qualify for the EC? Right? I had her ready to tap. Did you see her face turning blue?!”

Stephanie is spooked by Carmella’s sudden entry into her office. “How did you get in here??”

Carmella blows off her question, “I just walked in while you were talking to Kelly. So anyway, do I qualify for the Elimination Chamber?”
Stephanie mutters as she notes to herself, “I’m going to have to get my security back…”

Before returning her focus back to Carmella, “Last week you didn’t pin Mickie. You didn’t earn a shot into the Elimination Chamber. So tonight, you’re getting another chance to earn a shot at the Elimination Chamber. I have someone on their way tonight. It’s going to be a mystery opponent for you.”

Carmella rolls her eyes like an immature child, “Ugh, fine I’ll beat this person tonight and earn my way into the Elimination Chamber. The race to Mania ain’t over yet.” Carmella turns around and walks away.

Stephanie pulls out her phone and begins dialing. I need to get my muscle back. She’s been away long enough!

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    1. Kelly is definitely getting more personality. She pretty much gets to choose her opponent at Mania. Since she’s already the ref at EC.

      Carmella needs to win tonight to get into the chamber. She’s been a character ive been warming up to lately.
      Carmella needs some wins to climb the ranks though


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