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Carmella comes out first. She’s in the center of the ring, owning it, as she waits for her opponent. “Come on! Let’s see who I need to beat up next!”

The theme music of Trish’s ‘bestie’ can be heard throughout the arena. “Is this a joke?!” Carmella questions the referee, “You gotta be kidding me right now?”







JR: “Here comes Lita!”

King: “She wasn’t even in the Rumble!? Why is she even getting a shot at entering the Chamber!”

JR: “I don’t know, King! But this crowd sure is happy to see Lita!”

Lita enters the ring for her match with Carmella. She gets a big welcoming from the live audience.


“It’s time for women like you, Trish, and Mickie to stay home! It’s my time to shine already!” Carmella screeches. “Time to send you home with Mickie tonight, then on Sunday Trish will join you after I become champion!”

Lita doesn’t give Carmella the time of day. She’s just waiting for the bell to ring already.

Ding Ding

Carmella and Lita circle each other. “Come on, has-been!”

Lita kicks Carmella in the mid-section. Lita nails her with a DDT!

JR: “Lita’s got some fire in her!”

Lita gets to her feet and kicks the spine of Carmella.

Carmella slowly gets to her feet from the DDT.

Lita heads to familiar territory and begins rising to the second rope. It’s almost like second nature for her to travel the skies.

Carmella gets to her feet and finds Lita flying towards her.

Lita wraps her legs around Carmella’s head and catches her in a flying hurrican-rana.

The crowd cheers Lita as Carmella goes flying out of the ring under the bottom rope.

Lita soaks in the cheers from the screens in the crowd.

King: “Lita’s still got it!”

Carmella is checking on her face to see if she’s bleeding.

Not wanting to give the younger blonde opponent any time to catch her breath, the firey-redhead runs the ropes and looks ready to take flight again. She aims to fly out of the ring onto Carmella.

As Lita goes full speed ahead towards Carmella. Carmella takes it to Lita and kicks her in the face before takes-off out of the ring.

King: “OUCH!”

Carmella looks to the screens as they ‘boo’ her. “You thought she was going to get the better of me?!”

Lita’s face is covered with her hands. She’s holding her face in pain from the kick.

Carmella enters the apron but sees the sinister figure from last week rising from the stands. Mike Myers jumps the barricade and is carrying a chair in hand. The screens in the audience change to Michael Myers in a blonde wig.

Carmella drops from the apron, “Nope! Not getting involved in that!” Carmella walks around the ring and back up the ramp, not wanting to engage the intruder.

Lita is still on all fours, not aware of the intruder in the ring.

Myers places the chair under Lita’s head. Lita still has her face covered from the stiff kick she took from Carmella.

Myers runs the ropes and K-2’s Lita’s face into the steel chair.

The crowd boos heavily.

JR: “Kelly is a changed-woman. She’s stooping to new lows right now!”

Referees enter the ring and check on Lita. She’s out like a light.

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