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Torrie makes her way out first to boos.

Torrie is very hesitant as she makes her way out. She clearly looks like she doesn’t want to compete with her former Russian friend tonight. Deep down, Torrie does see a lot of potential in Lana. She sees an athlete who’s bound to become WWE Champion and really, ‘crush’ her opponents. Torrie does know that Alexa is a good wrestler. The fact that Lana’s been trained by Alexa just shows that she’s going to do great things. Torrie just can’t deny that. But she’ll never express that.

Torrie doesn’t want to be one of those people Lana crushes. Lana is going to bulldoze through her and Torrie knows it. Maybe, just maybe, she can convince Lana that they can still be friends. Maybe she can bring her around to her side and they together can still collect gold together. Tonight’s her last chance to sway her.

Lana makes her way out to boos as well. Lana walks with a purpose as she stares a hole through her opponent. Lana doesn’t look like she’s here to play games.

JR: “We’re getting a heel vs heel match up! Both these superstars are not well-liked.”

King: “Look at the look on Lana’s face. She means business.”

Lana gets in the ring and waits in her corner. She hasn’t taken her eyes off Torrie. She looks ready to start the match already. She jumps around in her corner like Brock Lesner. She’s definitely ready to start the match.

Her opponent, on the other hand, doesn’t have that same confidence. She looks worried if anything.

The referee signals for the bell and the match is underway.

Torrie walks gingerly towards Lana at the other side of the ring. She makes a last ditch effort to bring Lana to her side, “We don’t have to do this Lana. You’re my friend. Let’s let bygones be bygones.”

Lana power walks to Torrie. She doesn’t seem to register anything Torrie is saying. A soulless look on her face as she approaches Torrie. The happy Lana we’ve become use to; is gone.

As soon as they’re in striking distance. Torrie already gets a sense that her pleas are just not reaching Lana. Please don’t hurt me!

Lana cracks her forehead against Torrie’s head, headbutting her viciously.

King: “That looked like she got hit with a mallet!”

Torrie falls down on her back. Dizzy from the devasting shot.

Lana grabs Torrie by her hair and walks her to the turnbuckle.

Once at the turnbuckle, she begins banging her head against the top turnbuckle.

After five hits, Torrie’s legs give out and she collapses to her knees. Lana still hasn’t let go of Torrie’s hair. Lana then begins banging the busty blonde’s head against the second turnbuckle.

The ref backs Lana off, to which she obliges.

King: “Torrie isn’t as competitive as Lana. Lana may be too much for her to handle!”

She leaves Torrie’s head resting on the second turnbuckle. Her arms over the middle ropes too. She uses them to hold her up somewhat.

The crowd boos louder.

The ref checks on Torrie.

Lana sneaks up behind the ref and Torrie and stomps the back of Torrie’s head against the middle turnbuckle.  

Torrie’s head bounces off the turnbuckle like a basketball bouncing off the turnbuckle, leading the rest of her body. She collapses to the mat.

The referee reprimands Lana, “BACK OFF OR YOU’RE DISQUALIFIED!”

Lana backs off smirking.

JR: “Lana is enjoying this! This is a nasty, malicious side of Lana!”

The ref checks on Torrie.

King: “Torrie needs to get some offense in or the ref might call it in.”

Lana turns around and begins undoing the padding on one of the turnbuckles.

JR: “Ref! Lana is undoing the turnbuckle! Turn around and look at her!”

The referee is continuing to check on Torrie trying to make sure if she’s conscious.

Torrie doesn’t seem to know where she’s at but she’s moving. She’s making her way to her feet.

The crowd boos heavily as Lana undoes the padding and throws it to the side.

Lana then returns her attention back to the blonde bombshell, “She’s rest long enough! She want continue!”

The ref backs away, seemingly agreeing with the unforgiving personality. Unaware, that Lana has just undone the padding on one of the turnbuckles.

King: “This isn’t going to end well.”

Lana grabs Torrie and drags her to her feet.

Lana gets close to her opponent and talks into her ear. She talks loud enough for the cameras to hear it, “You were bad friend… BITCH! You taught me to play dirty. But you don’t use me anymore!”

Lana then irish whips Torrie so hard towards the exposed, steel turnbuckle she flies off her feet. Lana used her own body to whip Torrie as hard as she could.

Torrie unwillingly crashes upper-shoulders-first into the turnbuckle. She hits the turnbuckle so hard she collapses face first into the mat. Torrie’s not moving at this point. Her mouth is just motionlessly open as drool begins dripping from her mouth into the mat.  

A sinister smile as Lana enjoys her handy work. She slowly makes her way to her feet.

It finally dawns on the referee that the turnbuckle is exposed. The referee yells at Lana, “You undid it! You’re DQ’d! You’re done!” The ref signals for the bell.

As it rings, the announcer makes an announcement, “As a result of a disqualification, here is your winner, Torrie Wilson!”

Lana doesn’t look the least bit upset as she shrugs off the loss, “Oh well!”

King: “Lana doesn’t care that she just lost this match!”

JR: “I don’t think Torrie even comprehends she just lost, King. This was nasty!”

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