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Kelly makes her way out first to boos from the audience. She’s dressed as a referee. The audience saw her earlier in the evening when she defeated Mickie James. Kelly enters the ring and eyes the curtain she came through. Kelly is looking forward to seeing one particular superstar walk through the curtain. Kelly believes this superstar has been ducking her in recent weeks. She hasn’t been seen since the Rumble. Tonight she shares the ring with a rival that she hasn’t surpassed… yet. Beating her rival earlier in the evening, must have sent a message. She’s ready for the champion.

The chamber slowly lowers to surround the Rumble winner. The usual intense music plays as it surrounds the ring. Once’s lowered the tension is broken with our first competitor making her way out.

“YOU CAN LOOK BUT YOU CANT TOUCH” Nikki makes her way out first doing her booty dance. She shows off that incredible body and bounces to the heavy bass in her theme music.

JR: “Nikki participated in last year’s Chamber. She’s a veteran of this wheel house!”

Nikki enters the ring as her and Kelly glare at one another. Nikki gets in Kelly’s face and talks trash to her. Kelly talks inaudible trash right back.

JR: “No love loss there!”

King: “Not a good idea for Nikki to do that to the ref, either.”

Nikki walks away and enters her plex glass chamber.

Next out is Alexa. Alexa Bliss makes her way out to cheers. Once she enters the ring, her and Kelly size each other up. Alexa has to look up at Kelly. Until the shorter blonde walks over to her cage to get locked in it.

King: “Kelly and Alexa have never fought one on one. Hopefully one day they’ll compete with each other!”

JR: “This is exciting, King. Each superstar that comes out is pretty much getting a good look at potentially their opponent at Mania.”

King: “Alexa has a lot on her mind. She created a monster in Lana and her performance earlier has got to be lingering.”

Up next Angelina and Lacey come out. Both women come down to the ring. They don’t look like they’re on the same page. Once they enter the ring they both approach Kelly.

Kelly defiantly stands before them, “If you got something to say to me; say something!”

Angelina and Lacey finally share a glance with one another. They may not be on the same page but they’re good at playing mind games.

Angelina exits the ring and enters her pod. Lacey remains in the ring with Kelly as they both look to the curtain to see who comes out next.

JR: “I think it’s safe to say Lacey is one of the people starting this match. While Angelina, Nikki, and Alexa are locked away in their pods.

The familiar giggle echoes throughout the arena. The WWE Champion has resurfaced. She comes out to the screens in the arena lighting up. Trish continues to receive the pop of the night and this night was no different. Trish comes out holding the WWE championship in one hand, carrying it like it’s her duty. Trish hasn’t taken her eyes off Kelly as she makes her way down the ramp. She’s dressed with her oversized jacket and tight, booty high, baby blue trunks. Her legs shine a tinted brown.

She makes her way down with a purpose.

Kelly is in the ring staring down Trish.

King: “This is simmering, JR! I think these two want to ignore this match and just fight right now!”

JR: “It’s a generational battle, King! The queen of one era wants to fight the queen of another! Kelly has something to prove against a youthful Trish Stratus. She’s taken put her allies, Mickie, Lita, and Margot. If they meet one on one in the ring at Mania. It’s going to be something special!”

King: “She can thank Ariel for her youth!”

Once in the ring, Trish and Kelly get face to face with on another. The crowd erupts,


Kelly actually looks less eager to fight than Trish. Trish is in her face. But Kelly looks like she’d rather exit the ring right now. A little bit of hesitation can be sensed. It’s something Trish didn’t expect as she catches the hesitation discharging from Kelly body. Kelly takes a step back as Trish takes one more step toward her.

An unusual exchange to say the least.

Lacey is also in the ring. Trish’s last match was when she handily defeated her last month at the Rumble . “Come on we don’t have time for this!”

Trish backs off of Kelly and approaches her pod and gets locked in.

Kelly at this point isn’t looking at the curtain anymore but at the pod occupied by Trish. The two women continue to make eye contact, staring one another down.

Finally, the late addition to this match, Scarlett makes her way out.

JR: “Trish and Kelly obviously have a score to settle and their exchange didn’t go unnoticed by me. But up next is a superstar that’s coming out of the blue and absolutely taking advantage of a glorious opportunity! She defeated Carmella earlier in the evening to get here, right now!”

King: “It’s time to put all that rookie training to work. It’s do or die time right now!”

Scarlett enters the Chamber and is locked in.

Scarlett and Lacey are starting this match. They both look to the ref who hasn’t stopped eye-fucking Trish. Kelly turns her head to the match and directs the bell to ring.

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    1. Kelly’s sort of been on a journey in the biz.
      Shes been called a coward for shooting for the IC title and never going after Trish for the wwe title. They’ve never fought in my show.
      She has acknowledged that she’s avoided Trish. Because she has this massive aura. Whether she can over it; we’ll see.

      She’s looking forward to Trish. But when she comes up close and personal with the bull. It can cause some hesitation.


      1. Yeah k3lly character and story has been great and huge. And can’t wait to see her come over the hurdle of winning the world championship. I think it would be cool trish ending up heel and kelly ending up face at their wrestlemania match.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I like the idea.
        Well see if Trish even makes it to Mania. There are five hungry challengers who can very well put the breaks on her.
        Kelly may have another opponent come Mania. But we’ll see what transpires.


      3. Kelly is never vanilla she is one of a kind but she is doing great right now. Maybe she gets a little more sexual in matches it would be a nice look

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Lol I wrote vanilla for her.
        But now that she’s a heel maybe she can get more sexual. We’ll see if it fits her character though.

        I think I’ve kept the baby faces away from too much sex appeal.
        It’s the heels that take advantage of them lol.


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