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JR: “This next match is a late addition to the show, King. It wasn’t previously scheduled but Mickie wanted it. Kelly agreed. And Stephanie liked the idea. On RAW, two weeks ago, Kelly, dressed as Michael Myers and attacked Mickie. Mickie is looking for retribution.”

Mickie makes her way out to cheers. The endorsement of Trish Stratus tonight has garnered more fans for her.

Kelly walks out to a ‘boo-fest.’ The crowd that once cheered her, has turned on her.

JR: “We’re getting a world class bout tonight with this match up. Two generations will battle right now and I’m excited to see this. We have two athletes that can really ‘go’ in the ring.”

The ref calls for the bell and the match is on.

Curiously, Mickie has a mic in her hand. Clearly she has something to say.

“Who the hell do you think you are?!” An upset Mickie yells to Kelly. “Do you think I’m just a stepping stone for you? Do you think you’re just going to beat me tonight and move onto to the next thing?!” Mickie looks emotional as she yells at Kelly.

Kelly remains in her corner, giving Mickie a chance to finish what she has to say. She doesn’t look intimidated in the slightest.

Mickie continues, “…I’m going to remind you that you were never a good wrestler. You only got by because of your looks and who you’ve slept with! I, on the other hand, have actually wrestled matches. Maybe one day you’ll know what those are. You won’t be world champion. Because you’re not a wrestler. I’m going to show you right now how to wrestle!”

Kelly has had enough. Mickie’s words have stung her like a bee. She’s going to make sure this bee dies after those stingers.

Mickie drops the mic. She’s ready to go.

JR: “Not sure, if Mickie has been watching the programming lately but despite Kelly’s recent change in attitude, which I don’t agree with, Kelly’s been proving she’s capable of handling herself in the ring. She did win the Royal Rumble and IC title. She’s also been able to defeat both Bellas at WrestleMania last year. Kelly has definitely proven herself. Kelly’s had a goal of becoming WWE champion and she’s certainty capable of achieving such a feat!”

Mickie talks trash as the two superstars meet in the center of the ring.

Kelly thumbs the eye of Mickie. Immediately causing her to double over and catch her eye.

The ref reprimands Kelly but she completely ignores the ref, like a public speaker on mute.

Kelly lifts her knees and drives it into the rib cage of Mickie. She does this two more times for good measure.

The crowd doesn’t look favorably upon the dirty tactics taken by the mischievous blonde.

Kelly then elbows the spine that connects the shoulders with Mickie’s neck. This causes Mickie to drop to one knee. Kneeling before the Rumble winner.

At this point, the brunette veteran has spent the majority of the match doubled over as Kelly lays waste to her.

Kelly forcefully pulls Mickie’s hair backward so she can get a good look at the face of the older superstar.

Mickie must acknowledge her at this point. As she’s wrapped in Kelly’s hand.

“I will be CHAMPION! You can’t show me how to wrestle because I’m already better than you!” Kelly shoves Mickie back down between her legs and levels her with a K2. Mickie’s face smashes into the canvas and bounces onto her back.

Kelly hooks the leg as she confidently puts Mickie away with the pin.













“I’m ready for you! I’ll see you tonight!” Kelly yells ominously towards the camera. Somehow, she knows her words she just spewed were received, loud and clear. It’s meant for one particular superstar in the back, as she stares unflinchingly into the camera.

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