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JR: “Up next, Lita will face Kelly Kelly in the main event!”

Kelly’s already in the ring waiting for Lita to come out. She roams the ring like a lion, owning the grounds.

Lita and Trish are ‘besties’ but they have a storied rivalry. A game of one-upmanship. When they’ve stepped in the ring with each other, it’s always been a compete match.

Lita is my last stepping stone to Trish. I’m going to do what Trish couldn’t do! I’m going to put her down with ease.

The crowd is eager to see the main event. They’re eager to see Lita return for a big match with Kelly.

They’re pleasantly surprised when they discover that the next person that comes through the curtain, isn’t Lita.

WWE Champion, Trish Stratus makes her way out to an incredibly receptive crowd.

A monstrous pop as WWE Champion, Trish Stratus, unexpectedly emerges from behind the black curtains and stops at the top of the ramp.

Trish Stratus gets on the mic.

“Kelly Kelly…”








The crowd interrupts Trish with boos when she says ‘Kelly’s’ name.

“… there’s been a lot of talk about you lately… some people have called you a coward for ducking me… and some people…

…well actually it’s just you…

…you think you’re long overdue for this WWE Championship… I actually agree with the former… and I’ll tell you why… you’re a lot like me. You’ve beaten everyone you’ve been in the ring with. I’ve also beaten everyone I’ve been in the ring with… To me that means we should have competed at least once by now, right??…”

Trish makes a pouty face, like she’s thinking.

“… Yet we’ve never once been in that ring together. It only makes sense that if you win matches you get a title shot, at least that’s what I’ve always known…

…I don’t know if you’ve expected me to come looking for you. I’m the one with a target on my back! I’m the hunted!… But instead, I believe you’ve avoided me. I believe that you’re intimidated by me. I believe that you were so scared to get my attention that you had to put on a mask! You’re like a keyboard warrior… you could only anonymously attack me! You didn’t want to attack showing your true self. I think you… you were worried about what the fans thought of you!…

So you had to become someone else. You couldn’t be a real woman, like… I don’t know…Nikki Bella. Nikki was woman enough to challenge me to my face. You’re not! You couldn’t challenging me to a match because you were scared of me, and you were scared of the reaction you’d get from the fans! … unfortunately, for you… Margot figured your pathetic ass out…

…So what did you do?…”


Kelly stands in the ring staring down her rival. The words coming out of Trish’s mouth are actually stinging.

“… I’ll tell you what you did… Everyone made fun of you for being a coward, Nikki called it out, Bri called it out too! and you couldn’t handle it at the time? Could you?…

Even Brandi Rhodes called this out a few months back

…Worse yet, even Dolce called it out! The woman who took your title!…”

Kelly snarls in the ring from the mention of Dolce winning her title at Survivor Series. Kelly has always had deep resentment for not getting back her ‘win’ from Dolce.

“…You hid behind a mask and hit me with a steel chair on the RAW before TLC… right after I beat the woman that so happens to have taken your IC Title at Survivor Series… Dolce!

…You TRIPPED during your big championship run. And it turns out… I did what you couldn’t do… right Kelly?!…

I beat Dolce!… Stings, doesn’t it?…

…And here you are! In that ring, indirectly attacking me. You attack mickie, you attack Margot, you attacked Lita. But you won’t fuck with me directly!”

The crowd cheers on the champ. Hanging onto every word coming out of the buxom diva’s mouth.

Kelly feels exposed right now, like she’s standing in the ring naked. The crowd that once cheered her, has sided universally with Trish Stratus. She looks like a pot with steam coming out of her ears as she continues to listen along with the audience.

Keep it up, Trish! I’m going to use this fuel for my fire.

Trish continues on, “Kelly, you’re in that ring because you finally stepped up… and you finally want to take a shot at me. Now’s you’re shot. Now’s you’re shot at me, at the big stage, WrestleMania, Trish Stratus Vs. Kelly Kelly! For the first time ever!…”

The crowd roars in excitement for the big match up.

King: “And we can’t wait!”

JR: “Neither can I!”

“…However… last night,… I saw in you’re eyes, you’re still not ready for me… when we went face-to-face at EC, before MY match, I saw the fear in your eyes… when we had our exchange before MY match, you backed down from me!… You’re STILL not ready for me!… At Mania, during MY match… I’m going to DIRECTLY whoop you’re ASS!”

Trish drops the mic and turns around. She lifts her title high up in the air as the crowd begs for her not to turn around.

She then walks off the stage.

The crowd turns their attention back to Kelly, who’s in the ring seething.

Lita’s music echoes throughout the arena, as she makes her way out.

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  1. Trish talking the talk let’s see if she can back it up, I do think if Kelly wrestles before mania trish should have to as well

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have an idea of how it’ll end.
      Its a set up for next season.
      But the finish will be clean.

      To me, writing mania is just as bad as writing the rumble. Mania feels like a conclusion and wrapping it up is tough!! Lol


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