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Lita enters the ring performing her signature dance routines. The bell rings as soon as she enters the ring.

Kelly is visibly upset.

Lita tackles Kelly down to the floor and begins punching wildly at her.

Kelly raises her arms to cover the onslaught.

You think you could attack me like that on RAW! DO you know who I AM!” Lita yells.

JR: “Kelly had dressed as Michael Myers on last week’s RAW and attacked Lita! She attacked LITA in the main event match, against Carmella!”
King: “I remember! Carmella, walked out on that match! Lol”

Kelly shakes Lita off of her and quickly gets to her feet. I need to focus now! And I need to finish her quick!

Lita feeds off the audience as she grasps for their energy, feeding off the frenzy Trish leaves the audience in.

Kelly stands there, patently waiting for Lita to return her attention back to her.

…Come on… turn around! I’ll show I’m more than ready. I’ll do what she couldn’t do before…. I’m going to take Lita out…

Lita returns her attention back to Kelly.She makes a dash towards her. Lita is eager to get some retribution on this coward.

…. and I’m going to make it look easy. Kelly thinks to herself.

Kelly easily side-steps her and trips Lita along the way, causing her to fall to the ground. On her hands and knees.

I know you’re watching, Trish!

Kelly runs the ropes and steps on Lita’s back and uses it like a trampoline.

She jumps off her back and high into the air.

The crowd watches the athleticism in amazement.

Kelly comes crashing down and delivers a SUPER K2!

JR: “Holy Smokes!”

King: “That was a Super K-2!”

JR: “No! That’s the K-4!”

Kelly hooks the leg of Lita.

The ref makes the obvious three count on this one.

The crowd is stunned, as the referee raises her arm.

Some in the crowd can’t help but respond.

They applaud in approval.

No one has beaten Lita like that with ease before.
Not even Trish.

It’s always been a war between Trish and Lita.

Kelly mouths to the audience members in the crowd applauding her. She mouths to them what the camera doesn’t pick up audibly. But clearly picked up visually. It couldn’t be mistaken.





















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