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In the Gorilla Position, Velvet is standing there patiently watching the monitors. Tonight she needs to pick a side.

Will she side with Angelina Love?

Or will she side with Lacey Von Erich?

Unbeknownst to her, a certain interviewer is hoping to get her thoughts just before the big match.

“Hi Velvet!” Margot sneaks up on Velvet.





Velvet is startled as she reaches for her chest. “Omg, Margot don’t do that!… What do you want?!”

Undeterred by negative response, “Is there anyone tonight you’re hoping will come out on top tonight between, Angelina and Lacey? I know you love them both but since they can’t get along whom are you hoping to walk out with?”

Velvet lowers her head, in a moment of helplessness. Maybe she has some regrets over announcing her stipulation. Tonight she’s going to leave with the winner of the match. The BP loses a member and she loses a friend. She can’t ‘hang’ on the main roster without either one of them. She has a spot on the card because either Lacey or Angelina keep her relevant. If it wasn’t for them; she’d fade away.

After a long awkward pause, she finally raises her head and looks Margot in her eyes. “I choose LOVE!”

She then turns around and walks out the curtain, to the BP theme music. The crowd cheers excitedly. The live atmosphere is still garnering cheers for just about anyone to walk through the curtain.

The thunder dome era is over. 

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