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Lacey and Angelina both came out to the same theme music. It’s going to be the last time they both come out to the same theme music. One of them is out of the BP.

Angelina is in one corner of the ring.

Lacey is in the other.

The third member, Velvet, is on the outside. She begins approaching the Announce table where JR and the King are seated.

King: “Is Velvet coming over to sit with us?!”

JR: “I think she is!”

Velvet sits with the announce team.

Velvet: “You know, I’ve always wanted to sit here and commentate. What better time to start, right?”

King: “You should come sit with us for every match!”

JR: “Calm down, King.”

The bell rings.

Lacey and Angelina approach each other in the center of the ring.

“Because of you I had to suck ‘rookie toe!’ Angelina screeches. “I HATE YOU! You’re a CANCER to the BP!”

Lacey looks smug, “You tried to be better than me. You need to get back behind me. I’m leading the Beautiful People now. You’re just… one of my soldiers!”

Lacey reaches over to slap the face of Angelina.

Angelina catches it with her hand. “I don’t have to try…. Because I am better than you!”

Angelina uppercuts Lacey under her chin.

Lacey stumbles backward, holding her chin, until she lands on the corner turnbuckle.

JR: “So are you siding with Angelina Love, Velvet? Some might find your response, just before this match, to Margot, ambiguous.”

Angelina shoulder thrusts her boney right shoulder into the midsection of Lacey until she falls down into a seated position in the corner.

She then proceeds to put her boot in the neck of Lacey choking her out. She climbs her and the ropes presses downward on her throat. Balancing herself using the ropes.

The ref begins his five count. At the end of the count Angelina must release her boot from Lacey’s neck.

Velvet: “JR, I thought I made it clear! I choose LOVE!”

After a count of five, Angelina stops chocking Lacey and begins rapidly stomping a mud hole in the chest of Lacey.

Angelina stops for a moment and gives Lacey two middle fingers to her face then resumes stomping her chest.

The ref finally pulls her off.

JR: “I understand you choose ‘Love’ Velvet but that’s so vague. Are you choosing Angelina Love?!”

As the ref argues with Angelina; Lacey pulls herself upward. She’s only got one chance at changing the dynamic of this match; and it’s now. She charges upward and makes a run towards a distracted Angelina.

Lacey lifts her leg up and shoots for a running Botox Injection.

Angelina ducks it at the last second and runs the ropes.

She charges towards Lacey and connects with a Botox Injection of her own into the face of Lacey.

Angelina hooks the leg.


Velvet: “If you don’t understand that JR! Then let me spell it out to ya!”

















Velvet “A-N-G-E-L-I-N-A”








Angelina wins this match.

Velvet charges into the ring and jumps on top of Angelina. She takes her from behind for a big hug.

King: “There you have it! Lacey is out of the BP!”

As soon as they get to their feet, Velvet raises Angelina’s arm in victory. Angelina doesn’t seem to as responsive. She then pulls her arm away from Velvet.

Angelina exits the ring.

Velvet looks confused in the ring.

JR: “This undoubtedly is the biggest win of Angelina’s career! But she’s not sharing this moment with Velvet. Angelina just walked out on Velvet. What does this mean for the BP!?”





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