5 Clash of Champions Paige Arrival

5 Clash of Champions Paige Backstage

A limo is seen pulling up and Paige is shown coming out of it. It’s the same limo that took her to the dump last week courtesy of Sasha Banks.

Margot Robbie comes running to Paige to interview her.

“Paige! Paige! I wanted to ask you what you think of the news going on tonight.”

Paige responds, “I already know what it is. That little chump Sasha took my title last week. When she gets in that ring with me tonight, I’m going to put her down with a PTO. I’m going to show her who’s BOSS tonight and she can take that straight to the BANK! Sasha’s BANK!”

Margot replies, “oh, yea there’s that too.”

Paige gives Margot a curious look, “Is there something else?”

Margot: “You haven’t heard what the main event is tonight?”

Paige replies testily, “I’m in the main event! Its me putting my world title on the line against Sasha?”

Margot: “Not according to Stephanie McMahon.”

Paige is bewildered by Margot’s reply.

Margot: “The main event is Trish Stratus Vs. Torrie Wilson.”

Paige looks pissed off, “But I’m the champion I’m suppose to main event! Where’s Stephanie I’m taking this up with her! This is utter Bull$h!tt!” Paige storms off the interview.

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