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JR: Nicki is an angry powerhouse! She’s going to be a wrecking ball in this match!”

Torrie Wilson Radiant in Orange

King: Torrie is a Mania Main Eventer! She was undefeated until mania!”

JR: Brandi is a rising star! She’s been on fire for quite some time now!

King: “Carrie sucks!”

The bell rings and the match is underway. Brandi goes straight to Carrie.

Carrie is not focused. She’s keeping an eye out for Angela as an unforgiving Brandi approaches her. Brandi begins delivering right hands to Carries face.

JR: Carrie’s not going to be able to focus tonight.

Nikki goes to attack Torrie but Torrie bails from the ring.

Frustrated, Nikki heads towards Brandi.

Brandi is stomping a mud hole on Carrie at this point in the corner.

Nikki spins Brandi around and delivers a stiff forearm smash. Knocking Brandi off her feet and to the ground.

Nikki straddles Brandi and delivers forearm smash after forearm smash to the face of Brandi.

Torrie, who always picks her moments carefully, grabs Nikki by her hair and whips her off Brandi and slams the back of her head on the mat. Stunning the powerhouse twin.

Torrie sees Carrie in a precarious position. She’s still laying on the bottom turnbuckle after the mud hole kicking Brandi was giving her earlier.

King: Torrie is never one to walk away from an opportunity. Torrie ass has already taken a bite out of Carrie’s face and it looks like it may go for seconds.

JR: I’m hoping Torrie is over doing stinkfaces after what she went through at Mania.

Torrie approaches Carrie and exposes her cheeks. Torrie is more aggressive than usual. She’s normally more seductive and playful with these stinkfaces.

Torrie forcefully stuffs her ass with Carrie’s face. Torrie facewashes Carrie’s pretty face. Carrie just sits there taking the lovely smelling ass in her face. She was just recovering from the kicks she was getting from Brandi. An already out-of-breath Carrie is just accepting of the situation at this point.

Torrie actually needs this. She feels like she’s massaging her own ass with the multi-platinum Grammy-Award winner’s face. Her ass sucks up and swallows all of Carrie’s oxygen.

Torrie is thinking in her head, “This feels so good! OMG! I hope this makes people forget about what happened at Mania!…. No wait!!!…. what am I saying nothing happened to me at Mania…. Come on Torrie focus on this stinkface… oh Yes… eat it…. don’t breath anything else but my ass…. mmmmmm you don’t need anything but my ass

Torrie was humiliated by Ashley Graham at Mania. Torrie is offloading some frustration in this stinkface and is pressing her ass hard against Carrie’s face.

Carrie’s not moving.

The ref goes to check on Carrie.

The ref calls for the bell.

Torrie doesn’t stop rubbing her ass with Carrie’s face. The ref has to step-in between the two women to detach Carrie’s face from Torrie’s ass.

After the detachment Carrie just lays there unconscious.

The announcer announces the winner of the match, “The winner of this match via KO! And new number one contender…Torrie Wilson!!”

Brandi and Nikki sit there in shock with how quick the match just ended.

Torrie is overjoyed with her win and approaches the hard camera to address it. “Kelly The IC title is mine! So is that face!” Torrie winks at the camera.


Torrie Wilson Hot Bikini Photo

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    1. Lol Torrie is an opportunist. When someone is in position she’s going to take advantage.
      Now that I think about it. I’ve kinda written Kelly the same way for the k-2.
      Lol Torrie and Kelly are a lot alike huh? Who’s hotter to you?
      Is there a particular wrestler you like followering? Or that should be added?


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