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Margot is lucky enough to catch Angela who’s being escorted out of the building by a medical team.

Margot: “Angela are you ok? Are you leaving for the night? Have you chosen a partner?”

Angela is holding her sides like she’s got major cramps, “I don’t mean to be rude and cut this interview short Margot, but yea, I’ve seen better days but I’ll be alright. I’m leaving for the night and the medical team here says I need to be off next week’s show too. They filled me in on my match for Hell in a Cell for next week….” Angela holds her sides in pain, “… that rack attack and powerbomb really hurt… but Carrie’s opponent next week, who’s going to kick her ass… is Anna!” Angela walks off.

Margot responds, “Please take care Angela!…” Angela turns to face the camera, “Ladies and Genteman you heard it here first, Anna is going to debut on RAW next week to fight crazy Carrie next week on RAW.”

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      1. Yes I am. Can’t wait for hell in a cell. Hopefully either Carrie or Angela will pin each other to put some more steam on their rivalry


      1. I’m going to make a new site with story lines and everything. Top women to start will be Trish, Angela and maybe Kaitlyn. Will send it to you once I make it

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