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In the dressing room Madison, Velvet, and Angelina are talking amongst themselves.

Velvet: “I hope Lacey forgot about your lost to Lana a few weeks back Madison. Lacey didn’t look like she was going to be happy if you lost.”

Angelina: “You should have won that match Mad, I thought you had it. Lacey has been bring our group some wins lately.”

Madison: “I hope she doesn’t bring it up. I’m grateful for her because she’s brought home some wins for the group. I don’t want us to be on a bad losing streak because we all know what Steph has done to people on losing streaks.

Angelina: “Lacey is gold for us, she’s bringing us back from obscurity.”

Velvet: “Lacey will make us stronger.”

Lacey walks into the locker room, “Hey Beautiful People! I just talk to Stephanie and I have some great news! We’re all booked for the next PPV, Hell in a Cell!”

The group looks amongst each other excitedly. Angelina chimes in, “Awesome who’s asses are we going to kick at Hell in a Cell??!!”

Lacey responds, “Well I’m already booked for Hell in a Cell! I’m going to win tonight’s number one contenders match against Lana and then go on to win the IC Title. So that leaves you three…” Lacey gets more serious and makes direct eye contact with Madison, “… It’ll be some friendly competition, The Beautiful People face off in a triple threat match against each other… may the best Beautiful Person win!…I’ll be back, I’m going to go get ready for my match.”

After she leaves the rest of the Beautiful People looks amongst each other concerned.

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