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Lana is in the middle of getting ready when Alexa approaches her, “Lana, what happened last week on RAW? You we’re helping Torrie!!”

“I’m sorry Alexa! I forgot you hate Torrie! But she help you win! And now you’re going to Hell in a Cell to fight Kelly! Please don’t be mad at me!”

Alexa rolls her eyes.

Lana continues, “We’re both going to Hell in a Cell to take title from Kelly! You and me Alexa! But first, I need you to watch my back against the cheating Lacey and Ugly People, tonight. So, we both go to Hell in a Cell and Crush Kelly!”

Alexa is about to respond but is interrupted by an intruder.

The camera pans back.

The IC Champ approaches both women. She’s caring her IC Title as she addresses the two other blondes, “You don’t have to worry about the ‘Ugly People’ Lana. Because after what I saw between Alexa and Brandi last week on Raw; that’s not going to happen again. Because I’ve been assigned to be the Special Guest Referee for your match tonight against Lacey…”

The crowd cheers the news.

The champ directs her attention to Alexa, “…Same goes for you Alexa, you’re banned from ringside tonight too!… see you out there Lana.” Kelly smiles before leaving.

Alexa doesn’t look too bothered by the news, in fact she might even like being banned. But Alexa looks at Lana like she’s got her hands tied behind her back because of the circumstances.

Lana looks visibly upset, “I don’t trust that scum!”

Alexa shruggingly responds, “I wish I could be out there with you Lana.”

Lana, “It’s not fair! But it’s ok, after I win we’re taking her title at Hell in a Cell!”

JR: “I wonder if Alexa likes these rules, King?”

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  1. Interesting Kelly becoming special guest referee. It’s a nice move. And I don’t think they are going to take the title from Kelly. She is on a nice roll right now. Out to prove everyone wrong

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