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Nikki is in the ring for the next match. Nikki is chewing gum as she looks ready to bully whoever her opponent is. Nikki hasn’t heard the name Anna Jay before. Her winning-streak is not on her radar. Nikki just knows she has a match tonight and just wants to dominate someone. Beating the hell out of people has become what Nikki’s known for. Not too long ago, Nikki Bella put Angela on the shelf with a devasting beatdown.

JR: “She’s number 28 or 29 in the Royal Rumble. She’s a favorite to win the big Rumble match this Sunday!”

Anna Jay makes her way out to a decent reaction from the crowd. She starting to get support amongst the crowd. Anna Jay is still a fresh face on the wrestling scene, but the fact that she continues to get booked weekly does seem promising to her. If she beats Nikki tonight, she might as well strap a rocket to her career because its going to blast off. However, Nikki is not an easy opponent. Nikki is bombastic bully who tends to beat the hell out of her opponents. Anna Jay needs to be extremely cautious for this next match.

Nikki sees Anna Jay from the entrance ramp for the first time and smiles. “Come on, Bitch! Get in my ring!”

Anna Jay is unexpectedly ambushed from behind. Melina grabs her by the back of her head and performs her finishing maneuver on Anna Jay. She crashes Anna Jay into the metal walkway.

JR: “ What’s this all about? Melina just attacked the up and comer.

“Aww did that hurt little Anna Jay? You’re not special Anna Jay! You’re not!” Melina teases mockingly.

King: “Melina just blind-sighted Anna Jay!”

Nikki cackles from the ring. “Awww I wanted to put her in the hospital bed next to Angela!”

Melina reaches unapologetically for Anna’s hair. Pulling her head upward, by pulling on the hair of Anna Jay’s roots, “Show me how special you are… tramp!” She then slams her head on the ramp before getting back to her feet. She never locks eyes with the bombastic bully in the ring.

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  1. Poor Anna was looking forward to the match but Melina being a great heel ruins it. Good to see recall from Angela and Nikki rumble match should be interesting with Nikki entering late.

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