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JR: “Boy is this one going to be good!”

King: “Who do you think is going to win?!”

JR: “I think it’s going to be Lana! She’s been on a TARE!”

Lana and Lacey are in the ring.

Velvet is on the outside, in Lacey’s corner.

Ding Ding…

Lacey raises her hand in the air. As if to challenge Lana to a ‘test of strength.’

Lana approaches Lacey, as if she hadn’t even noticed Lacey raising her hands in the air.

You’re the reason I didn’t get to fight Trish at the Royal Rumble! I should be champion right now! I SHOULD BE FIGHTING KELLY AT MANIA!…”

Lana reaches forward. “Lol, You’re not still mad, are you?”

She didn’t reach out for Lacey’s hand.

She reached out for her throat. Lana chokes Lacey single-handidly. With one grip, she brings Lacey down to her knees.

Lacey reaches for Lana’s arm, instinctively. Grabbing it tightly. As if the tighter she grabbed it, the looser Lana’s grip will get. Lacey begins to fade as she drops to one knee.

Lana continues, “…But thank you…. I wasn’t ready yet… You make me realize, ‘I don’t need Torrie or Alexa Bliss!” Lana quips to her now kneeling opponent.

Velvet rushes the ring.

Lana quickly releases Lacey.

Lacey goes coughing to the ground. Grasping for air. She’s in desperate need of oxygen. She lays on her back grasping for air.

Lana catches Velvet in her grasp.

She grabs a charging Velvet and has her set up for a spine buster. She carries her on her body, toying with intruder.

The crowd cheers for the technical prowess of Lana. Not so much her personality lately.

Before Lana can proceed with giving her a spine buster, Angelina rushes into the ring out of nowhere. She kicks Lana in her face, a Botox injection shot.

Lana drops Velvet like a sack of potatoes and falls down hard from the damage.

Velvet rolls out of the ring, after the impact.

Angelina then immediately straddles the body of Lacey.

She then begins wailing on her. She delivers LEFTS! And RIGHTS! To the face of Lacey.

Lacey does what she can to block the shots. But she’s still trying to breathe.

Lacey gets some sluggers in.







JR: “BREAKING NEWS! Stephanie has just booked Lacey vs. Angelina for WrestleMania, as we speak!!!!!!”







Velvet was about to tee t

Velvet was about to re-enter the ring but decides otherwise, after seeing Angelina and Lacey fighting. Instead she throws her arms in the air as if she doesn’t want to be in the middle anymore. She turns around and begins walking up the long ramp.

JR: “Looks like Velvet is choosing to leave!”

Lana is already on her feet and behind Angelina. She stands there, diabolically choosing her moment. She looks like Michael Myers standing behind his next victim.

“You’re also the reason I’m not Champion!” Lana emphatically states.

Lana grabs Angelina and lifter her up with ease in a powerbomb position.

She then powerbombs Angelina into Lacey. Crushing the rivals of the Beautiful People.

Lana yells to the camera, “I hope you’re watching… teacher… friend… Alexa Bliss! Accept my challenge. I want you in ‘I Quit Match!’”

Lana walks over her fallen rivals.










Velvet has a mic in hand as well. At the top of the ramp, she addresses Lacey and Angelina, “You two can’t get along… and you’re both my friends… since you both can’t work together! I’m siding with the strongest of you two! Whoever wins between the two of you… let’s give the LOSER a makeover!”

JR: “Boy, it’s now Lacey Vs. Angelina! And whomever wins… wins Velvet Sky!”

King: “And what a stipulation to tack on.”

JR: “Margot is going to have Alexa’s response to Lana’s challenge later tonight folks! We’ll find out if she accepts.”

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